Creating A Peaceful Master Bathroom Retreat

There are times when your master bathroom feels like an indulgence…the kind you pay for at five-star hotels. There also are times when you shut your master bathroom door for another kind of retreat. From kids, pets. Daily hubbub. Workplace aggravation.

Either way, it fulfills its mission of peace, quiet and a place to wash away stress. That’s why the master bathroom should be a top priority when you design your new Florida home. You’ll begin with unlimited options, then narrow to the best choices for your household.  Below are some suggestions.Bexley-Brooke-4668-web

The Bathtub

Your first decision is to decide how particular fixture styles and functions work with your design preferences. Do you need a large or small bathtub? An ultra-modern pod or traditional cast-iron perched on claw feet? Every soothing jet available? Or a quiet pool for a restorative soak? Your second decision is where to site your bathtub. You can tuck it in a private alcove or display it as the room’s decorative centerpiece, in the style of your favorite spa.  Be brave and forego the bathtub altogether if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle. Otherwise it becomes a giant laundry hamper!

The Shower

Unlike a bathtub, which arrives in one piece, the shower offers a creative canvas. Its size and shape aren’t limited by fixture size — only by your imagination. You can expand or contract your shower by shifting space in your plan. ICI Homes is the perfect building partner for this because all our plans are completely customizable — we’re Florida’s Custom Home builder.

The building materials you choose also are completely customizable. Play with faucet, handheld spray and shower head options. Mix and match tile designs. Work with your design team to add built-in niches for soaps, shampoos and other supplies. Another customizable — an in-shower bench or seat — always proves handy.

The Vanity, Counter-top and Sink

More creativity can be exercised in these spaces, both for storage and display.  Think how you’ll use your counter-tops in your master bath retreat. Do you need his-and-her sinks? One giant farmhouse-style basin? Natural granite or synthetic quartz? Remember to err on the side of generosity. You’re more likely to wish you had more counter and storage space rather than less. And, if you’d like to sit down for daily grooming chores, make sure vanity lighting, mirrors and electrical outlets are plentiful.

All That Other Stuff

You know, the details. Consider personal touches — Grandma’s dressing-table lamp or glass jars filled Florida sea shells. Think about hanging a chandelier above your freestanding bathtub. Or installing dimmer switches on vanity lights. Discreet windows admit natural light. Using art and rugs in a master bath dresses up that dress-up space. So do paint colors and tile textures. But, don’t forget the master bathroom’s practical function. You always want a flooring material that’s impervious to splashes yet comfortable (and safe) under bare, wet feet.

Ready for a new Florida home to go with your vision of a retreat-like master bath? ICI Homes is ready to help. Click here to begin.