How to Add Value to Your Coastal Home

You may live in Florida for many different reasons. But, one of the most important is likely the state’s proximity to salt water. Enjoying Florida’s beaches is non-negotiable for many natives and newcomers. It’s why you buy homes within visual, biking, hiking or quick driving distance of the ocean. Most coastal homeowners already enjoy heightened property values thanks to their location. But, there’s always room for improvement, regardless of whether if you’re living somewhere long-term, or simply updating a property for resale or investment purposes. ICI Showcase2015_DSC_8075And8more_tonemapped

If you want to increase the value of your coastal home, decide how much time, effort and cash you want to spend. Some options require hiring a contractor while others are do-it-yourself weekend projects.  Read on for inspiration.

Start With the Yard

This can be as simple as planting new flowers, or as complicated as commissioning a landscaping plan. From re-sodding a yard to replacing tired shrubbery, few things can beautify your property like colorful, manicured landscaping. Want to go really big? Commit to installing that new deck, patio or pool you’ve been hankering for.

Spruce Up the Exterior

If your coastal home is a bit older, consider replacing faded or dated siding for one of today’s tougher, weather-resistant versions. Tired of tired exterior brick? Paint it!

Here’s a quick(er) fix: Paint your front door a fresh color. Add window boxes filled with bright annuals of the same hue. Re-do your front porch, back porch or lanai with new seating and cushions. Or, hit local flea markets and antique shops for vintage outdoor furnishings and accessories.

Keep Your Cool

In the Sunshine State, a hot house isn’t cool. An updated heating and cooling system is a big-ticket commitment, but it’s more cost-effective to replace your old system than to allow it to conk out in, say, steamy August. Or, a cranky furnace to fail during a cold snap.

Energy efficiency is another increasingly significant reason to update your HVAC. Today’s appliances and household mechanical systems are “greener” than ever and certainly easier on the power bill. Both are huge reasons to add value to your coastal home.

Refresh the Interior

As with the exterior of your home, there are numerous large and small indoor projects that can boost your home’s value. Start with foolproof options such as repainting walls — even a new coat of the same color can appear startlingly fresh. Consult an interior designer for expert advice on changing your entire decor. If it’s time for a bathroom or kitchen redo, plan and get it done. Few areas impact a home’s value as much as bathrooms and kitchens.

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