Is a saltwater pool right for you?

Chlorine pools have been around for ages. Recently the new trend is transitioning the traditional chlorine pool to a salt water pool.  There are many advantages in making this change and it’s environmentally safe.


Here are some benefits of salt water pools:

  • Salt water pools are initially expensive when you install, but in the long run you save money because you don’t need to buy as many chemicals which will cost half as much to maintain than chlorine pools.  You can save hundreds of dollars annually because salt is far cheaper than chlorine.
  • You save money on electricity cost.  Since you do not constantly have to run a filtration system, the cost of your electric bill will decrease.  Most saltwater systems monitor themselves and allow you to know when the pool needs more water.
  • Swimwear lasts much longer in salt water pools. Chlorine tends to fade and ruin your swimwear more quickly.
  • Salt water pools virtually clean themselves out and helps stop the growth of algae throughout the year.  You no longer have to store toxic chemicals meaning it’s environmentally safe.   There is no chlorine odor and you will not have to deal with that floater in your pool at all times.
  • Pure chlorine pools create organochlorines that can reduce your immune system and worsen your asthma and emphysema.  Saltwater pools do not create organchlorines because chlorine levels never drop low enough for them to form.
  • Salt water pools are softer on your skin.  You do not have to deal with itchy skin, red eyes and discolored hair.
  • Salt water is much better to swim in.  It is clear and does not have that taste that chlorine pools have.

About nine out of ten pools are running on salt water pools nowadays and many professional services are following this trend. So, if you want to be environmentally safe with many advantages and few disadvantages this is the way to go.

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