Construction Site Safety at ICI Homes

As you know, building a new home takes long hours of careful, detailed planning.

As your home builder, we also make sure to put just as much planning into keeping our customers, employees and contractors safe while building your home.

We know that our customers like to keep up with the progress of the construction of their new home with on-site visits whenever possible, so with that in mind we’d like to give you a few tips for staying safe when you visit your future home site.

The building tools and protective means. Working boots, tools, building helmet, goggles and gloves

Keeping Our Customers Safe

Ladies, keep in mind that stilettos, or any open toe shoe for that matter, are not allowed on a construction site. Gentlemen, sandals and flip flops are not permitted for your safety. We recommend wearing closed shoes such as sneakers or boots as these completely cover your feet. Also avoid wearing loose or baggy clothing which could easily get caught on building material and cause an unwelcome injury. We provide the hard hats, safety glasses, and vests to ensure your safety during every visit.

Keeping Our Team Safe

Did you know that every year more than 1000 workers die in construction accidents in the US? Additionally, each year 250,000 workers suffer injuries serious enough to result in lost work days.

At ICI Homes, we recognize that ensuring a successful culture on construction site safety provides an endless number of benefits, not only for our team, but also for you and your family. We believe that taking the time to train our employees and contractors and plan out an effective construction safety strategy should begin well before any ground is broken.

With our 25+ years in the new home construction industry, we have the experience in implementing an effective risk management strategy for every home we build. By remaining in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, we keep in mind that everyone’s safety and well-being is a key concern during your home building process.

A couple topics we cover regularly with our employees include:

  • Keeping the work area clean by removing debris and materials from walkways
  • Always wearing proper attire and safety equipment
  • Remaining within safety guidelines at every phase from beginning to end

We believe that providing a safe working environment for our workers strengthens the quality of your new home and we proudly offer the peace of mind you’d expect from Florida’s Custom Home Builder.

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