Which Would You Prefer?

Times are changing and with change comes a different pallet of preferences. Here are a few examples of what’s hot for some, for others… well not so much. Fortunately, change brings choice and there’s a lot out there. So take a minute to check out some popular options here at ICI Homes and answer these questions. It’ll put you closer to designing your dream home.

Formal Dining Room or Open Kitchen Concept?
If you have a big family that gathers for dinner every day at 5:00 pm or always hosts the holiday feasts, the formal dining room may be a major plus! However, if you like big informal gatherings, or you’ve labeled this room the “dogs aren’t allowed” room and its sole purpose is collecting dust, then maybe you prefer an open floorplan concept.
Which Would You Prefer? - dining
Master Tub or Deluxe Shower?
You may look forward to your bath time every day. It’s the one time of day that you have privacy, reflection and relaxation. For others, the bathtub is an unnecessary evil, which is only encountered when cleaned every other week.
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Large Pool or Courtyard Pool?
With each passing year, pools seem to get smaller and smaller. Is it the preference that has changed? Twenty years ago, pools were meant for a large family, but now they seem to be more of an accessory to the home.
Which Would You Prefer? - pools
Second Floor or One Level?
Walking up all those stairs once you hit age 50 is not as fun as it was when you were 20. However, it can be the perfect space for a visit from the relatives. An upstairs offers privacy, extra space and for Northerners can replace the loss of a basement for more storage space.
Which Would You Prefer? - second
Trends come down to what you prefer. A dining area now-a-days may seem dated to some, but a “must-have” item for you and yours!

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