Maintaining Staircases in Florida Homes

If you are a lover of multilevel Florida homes, then you have got to deal with staircases.

Whether it is bare wood, carpeted or metal, maintaining it well will also help maintain the value of your Florida home.

Maintaining Staircases in Florida Homes - Florida home6

No matter what material was used to build your staircase, the first thing to remember for cleaning it is – start at the top.

  • For a wooden staircase, begin by sweeping, vacuuming or dusting the stairs in your Florida home. Make sure you know the type of sealant that was used on the stairs. Buy a cleaner applicable for the sealant and the type of finished wood. Wipe the solution on the wood with a terry cloth or micro-fiber mop.
  • For a carpeted staircase, it needs regular vacuuming, but a regular vacuum won’t work. The best option is a handheld model with different attachments. If your vacuum has a long hose, that can work. Either way you a brush attachment to help get up the ground in dirt. An occasional steam cleaning would be a good idea, too. Just like the other vacuum, you need a steam cleaner with a handheld hose attachment. Even more occasionally, it would be a good idea to hand shampoo the carpet, which is best for spot removal. Some stains, especially oil-based ones, may require a pre-treatment solution to loosen the dirt.
  • Generally you shouldn’t have to do anything to a metal staircase. It isn’t bothered by high humidity or extreme temperatures. They also hold up well in heavy use. But everything eventually rusts in Florida, so you will need to keep an eye on the staircase in your Florida home over the years.

Whether you want an open staircase that adds to the statement your Florida home makes or just something functional, a staircase will serve you well for years with proper maintenance.

ICI Homes of Daytona Beach has been building Florida homes for about 30 years.

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