Upgrading Backyards of New Florida Homes

One thing you expect from new Florida homes is the ability to play in your backyard for more of the year than other places in the country.
You can be the envy of friends and family with those photos of you in shorts and a T-shirt in February.

Upgrading Backyards of New Florida Homes - Florida home4

There are many ways to upgrade the backyard of new Florida homes to make them enjoyable year-round, something you need to make sure to communicate to us at ICI Homes when we build you a custom home.

  • During the summer months, you want to make sure you have plenty of shade, not just from trees, but also from gazebos. For the kids, you’ll not only want swing sets, but also a way to shade them as they play. For special events, you can buy or rent a pavilion that will provide you plenty of shade and also protect against sudden summer showers.
  • Of course, the big summer item for a backyard is a swimming pool. Whether you want something simple or elaborate, ICI Homes can help make sure your new Florida home has a pool that you can be proud of and really enjoy.
  • For most of the rest of the year, you’ll want to make sure your patio has plenty of space to do all the things you want to do. Whether it’s cooking out or just a summer get together, you’ll want plenty of space for your friends to move around. For the kids, you’ll want to incorporate space where they can play safely.
  • During the brief cold time of the year, you’ll want to have space for an outdoor fireplace.

You can enjoy the backyard of your new Florida home nearly year-round and by working with us at ICI Homes, we can make sure it includes all the features that can aid that enjoyment.
Daytona Beach-based ICI Homes has been a premier builder of Florida homes for years. It builds in the Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa areas.

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