Summer Flowers for Florida Homes

As a resident of a new Florida home, you have no doubt noticed the heat can get intense during the summer.
For a flower gardener, the summer heat can be distressing. But there are flowers you can plant that will withstand the high temperatures and help keep your Florida home looking beautiful.
Summer Flowers for Florida Homes - Florida home1
Here are a few flowers to consider:

  • Celosia: Also called cockscomb, this is a summer flower that can handle the heat and humidity. It grows from 5 to 25 inches tall and 5 to 12 inches wide and its flowers are purple, yellow, orange and pink. Celosia can handle most soils, but pack it with organic matter that drains well.
  • Marigolds: Popular flowers that can handle Florida summers and provide thick blooms of bronze, orange, rust and yellow. Also, the plant can help repel insects. Marigolds need well-drained, moist, loam soils in full sun and can get up to 36 inches tall.
  • Penta: Also known as a star flower, this bloomer is good in the warm season. The small shrub grows 2 to 3 feet tall and about the same width. It has star-shaped flowers with five petals in lavender, pink, red, or white. It attracts butterflies and hummingbirds and needs well-draining soils in full sunlight or partial shade. They can grow year-round in the southern and central parts of the Sunshine State.
  • Zinnias: A versatile plant, they can be used for borders or gardens, and are OK for summer. They need well-drained, fertile soil and full sunlight. Plant them in the spring and they’ll last through the summer. They can get quite tall in Florida and have pastel colors.

With these flowers, the landscape of your Florida home can retain bright colors throughout the summer.
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