Making A Home Safer For Kids

family with child and dream houseHere are some things that can be done around your home to provide a safe environment for children by Matt Fox, Making A Home Safer For Kids:

  • Smoke detectors are the most important home-safety item. You can double your chance of survival and you only need to change the batteries twice a year. If you have any questions about these items, please call your local fire department.
  • Safety latches and locks.  Use these on cabinets and drawers. These prevent children from getting into medicines, cleaning products and sharp objects.
  • Safety gates prevent children from getting into rooms or away from stairs that can be harmful.  Make sure you follow the directions on putting these devices together.
  • Doorknob covers and door locks. Pick ones that you can operate easily.  This can prevent kids from hazards of outside dangers such as swimming pools.
  • Corner and Edge Bumper.  You can wrap all your furniture with a mattress or there are a ton of things to place on corners and edges to prevent children from injury.
  • Window Guards and safety netting.  Place on balconies and decks.  Be aware they are not 100% percent child proof, but every safety item can help.
  • Antiscald devices. Check your water heater to make sure that it is not set over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. To hot of faucets and showerheads can cause burns.
  • Outlet covers and outlet plates.  Place these devices over unused outlets to keep children from placing objects into outlets.

There are many other safety tips to keep children safe in your home, but these are the most important.  Do not depend solely on the child-safety items! You still need to always keep well aware of curious little kids.

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