Cleaning Up After a Party

Entertaining is a fun and wonderful way to spend quality time with your friends and family. One way to know you’ve had a successful get-together if there is a big clean up afterward.  It’s important to have a cleanup strategy and the proper tools that will help you quickly and easily get your home back together.

Recruit some help and delegate specific tasks to your team. Put on some music to make it fun or create a game out of it for the kids.  If would be great if you manage to get some things accomplished before you retire for the night, when you’re still feeling the energy of the party and company.

A great tip is to carry your supplies with you from room to room in a bucket- sprays, towels, etc.  This will prevent you from losing your momentum.

It helps to begin cleaning the room in a clockwise fashion, breaking down jobs into smaller, more manageable tasks.  Spray with your right hand and wipe with your left (or the reverse if your left-handed).

Begin with a large garbage bag, and collect all the non-recyclable litter from each room of the house including disposable plates, cups and utensils.

Go back through and put cans, glass bottles, plastic and other recyclables in a separate container.

Bring all flatware, glassware, china, etc. to the kitchen along with leftover food.

Determine if food and drinks should be stored and refrigerated or discarded.

Place all heavy, oversized platters and china in the dishwasher.  You can soak the remaining dishes in the sink overnight to ease with washing in the next load.

Take care of major spills and treat stains before going to bed.  Remember, the sooner you attend to them, the better.  You can disinfect the counters and table tops more thoroughly later.

Put away all clean dishes and glassware in the morning.  Save vacuuming, dusting mopping and the kitchen counters for when you’ve had some rest.

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