Protecting and Covering your Plants

Imagine waking up in the morning and having to shovel inches of snow everyday just to leave your house? Well, most people can imagine that because they live in the North and have to deal with it every year. Living in Florida definitely has its advantage, so for the couple of times during the winter months when there is a freeze warning take some time and protect your plants.

Protecting and Covering your Plants

Use cloth, sheets, quilts, or burlap to cover your plants and make sure that it is enough to reach the ground. Burlap can be found at any home improvement store. Use the fabric by wrapping the plant from bottom and working your way to the top. You can wrap it several times for that extra protection. Many experts feel that it is best to stay away from plastic because it can cause water droplets from condensation on leaves that will result in burning them.

Another option that you use for your plants is mulch. For trees and bushes place the mulch at the root and for plants put the mulch directly on them. Again, mulch can be purchased at any home improvement store, so make sure that you are placing at least 4 inches on the plant or at root of tree.

Plants or flowers that are in pots should be brought inside or placed in the garage where it is warm. If you absolutely have to keep them outside place them together so they to reduce heat loss.

It is not always easy to protect every single plant from winter damage, but if you take the time to protect your plants most damage can be prevented. Remember that native plants can sustain some freezing nights, while tropical plants need to be protected and cover at all times. So, when the weatherman says it is going to be 35 degrees or below, get your sheets out!

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