The “Villa Feel”

New Florida Home from ICI HomesCourtyard homes are perfect for those who prefer privacy and not an expansive backyard. It gives the resident a “villa” like feel, for about the same price as a traditional home.

The attraction to this floor plan is the ability to entertain and have open connectivity to the house. The residents can customize these floor plans in anyway desirable. Courtyards can include total privacy or be designed with an open view to capture a view.

About 70% of the homes’ floor plan takes the “outside-inside” approach with views and easy access to a centrally located courtyard. Several rooms with access to the courtyard make it convenient for residents to do outdoor cooking, gardening, swimming and just gathering around a fire pit or outside seating area.

Courtyard plan buyers are varied and include empty-nesters, families with small children to watch over them in a safe environment. The design also appeals to families with children about to leave the nest for college.  Even Boomerang kids adapt well to this floor plan because they like the detached loft options for privacy.

If you are interested in buying a Courtyard home, the charm of Old World, Coastal Med or Tuscan architecture styles work best.

Courtyard homes are cutting edge, out of the standard builder box that is refreshing to buyers that believe interior and exterior designs are more important than the standard stucco box that everybody builds.

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