Tile roofs are making a big comeback Here’s why

Everyone wants a tile roof. They used to be expensive but with today’s technology, tile roofs are making a big comeback. Here’s why…

Tile roofs are making a big comeback Here’s why - Seamist CropOne of the main reasons tile has made a comeback is because of its look. Tile roofs bring out a certain nostalgia for most people. Nothing finishes a Tuscan or Spanish home design like a concrete tile roof, it wouldn’t be the same without it. A concrete tile roof can bring instant character to any design. But because of the cost these have been out of reach for most people. The current market has helped to bring these costs down. Concrete tile roofs are becoming more affordable and with the increased awareness of green building, Tile roofs have made a comeback.

Concrete roof tiles are a naturally sustainable product. Tiles are made with locally harvested materials using a low impact manufacturing process. Also the majority of concrete tile companies offer lifetime warranties so there is no need to worry about replacement costs down the road. A little extra investment up front goes a long way.

Tile roofs are making a big comeback Here’s why - Emerald Front RetTile roofs are also more energy efficient than traditional asphalt roofs. Because of the natural properties of the concrete and the type of installation there is a 50% reduction in the amount of heat that penetrates into the conditioned space versus traditional assemblies. This can account for up to a 20% reduction in energy consumption. Because tile roofs are installed using elevated battens it makes for a breathable assembly. This allows the roof to ventilate and stay dry.

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