New Construction is a Great Option for First-Time Home Buyers

First-Time Home BuyerFor first-time home buyers, the journey to homeownership can feel daunting, particularly in today’s ever-changing residential market.

It’s always smart to understand prices, interest rates, and availability. But don’t get stuck there! Instead, get your finances in order, and decide the location and type of home you need and the smartest price point for you. Then do your homework on the search process and definitely don’t overlook new construction.

While it’s tempting to think resales are a more economical route for a first purchase — buy now at a seemingly lower price than new construction and save for later renovations — very often that’s not the case.

Finding and buying your first home is a wonderful milestone. Here’s why new construction can be a great option.

First-time home buyers: don’t postpone buying what you really want

Having a new home built from scratch guarantees that it will fit your household’s lifestyle and needs right off the bat.

Contrast that scenario with resale homes, which are tailored to their current and previous owners, and likely will involve some sweat equity and renovation costs to make them fit your needs.

First-time home buyers custom home

When you work with ICI Homes, customization is part of the process. We’re known as Florida’s Custom Home Builder, and this applies to all potential customers. Take advantage of our complimentary consultation with one of our floor plan designers. They can help you find which one of our award-winning plans works best for you, or customize one to fit your needs — reconfiguring closets for better flow, or moving a wall to create a drop zone off a garage entrance, for example.

Latest technology and techniques

Here’s another space where new construction trumps resale. ICI Homes builds homes with an EQ Factor.

First-time home buyers can take comfort knowing their new home will go up with cutting-edge building techniques that create a tighter seal — thus better energy efficiency. EQ Factor homes also contain many environmentally friendly components and appliances.

Which leads us to…

Future costs trend lower

Buying a new home guarantees brand-new appliances, mechanical systems and myriad building components. Everything works and is backed by builder and manufacturer warranties.

Price Comparing

First-time home buyers should factor the potential future costs of a resale against the upfront costs of a completely new build. Getting exactly what you want, and knowing it works, can be a literal and peace-of-mind savings.

To get there, add the cost of a new home plus estimated closing costs (your real estate professional and ICI Homes sales associate can help you with this).

Then pick the resale that’s caught your eye, determine what structural and decorative changes you’d make, what items or systems need replacing soon, and add the resale’s outright purchase price plus estimated closing costs.

Compare those new-home-versus-resale totals side-by-side. We double-dare you!

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