Pump Up the Design Volume in Powder Rooms and Cabana Bathrooms

Two staples of many new custom Florida homes are a powder room and a cabana bathroom.

Not every home has one or both, of course, but if you’re searching for your new custom Florida home and the ICI Homes floor plan you like contains one or both, Pump-Up-the-Design-Volume-in-Powder-Rooms-and-Cabana-Bathroomswe’re happy to share suggestions for how to take those spaces from blah to bold.

Here’s how to pump up the design volume in powder rooms and cabana bathrooms.

Why you should do this

Both bathrooms are highly functional, especially if you do a lot of entertaining. You want them to pull their decorative weight even though they might not be utilized as often as other bathrooms. Design up those spaces; you’ll be glad you did — powder rooms and cabana bathrooms are opportunities to be bolder with design elements.

Why? You don’t face them daily like you do in your master bathroom or even a full guest bath.

You might not want to look at zebra wallpaper every morning and evening, but those zebra stripes might make you smile every time you clean the powder room. It sure might wow guests, who may “ooh” and “aah” and ask how you did it.

How to do it

Regardless of your floor plan size, most powder rooms serve as pint-sized detours for pit stops. Folks tend to zoom in and out, especially if they’re enjoying your hospitality.

Stop them in their tracks with paint, wallpaper, art and bathroom fixtures chosen for showstopper appeal. Swathe your powder room in electric chartreuse paint, bronze or gold faucets and handles, and that jungle foliage print from your grandmother.

Inherit a dresser or chest you’d like to keep but don’t know what to do with it? Ask a carpenter or crafty family member to transform it into a powder-room vanity. Then outfit it with a painted sink.

Consider the cabana bathroom

Here, perhaps dial it back for one reason: it’s usually more visible than a powder room.

Many cabana bathrooms serve as the bathroom for one or more guest or family bedrooms. Pump Up the Design Volume in Powder Rooms and Cabana Bathrooms - ICIEgretConserva 464And8more Optimizer copyGoing super-bold with its design may be visually jarring next to adjacent décor.

Plus, most cabana bathrooms contain a full, half or partial glassed-in door that provides direct access to your outdoor living area. Your cabana bathroom could be on view from your lanai, pool, and other living areas unless the door insets contain etched or frosted glass (not a bad idea).

You can still use bolder decorative elements than you would in household bathrooms. Hang a boat oar or a stretch of nautical rope for a towel bar in your cabana bathroom. Or, choose shower tile that mimics a sandy beach, for example.

You can go bold without going overboard in a cabana bathroom!

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