Don’t Overlook the Laundry Room

When you build or a buy a new custom Florida home with ICI Homes, it’s easy to get excited about spacious floor plans, outdoor living spaces, and dreamy kitchens and master suites.

Most of us anticipate designing those spaces. Don't Overlook the Laundry RoomThe laundry room, less so.

We suggest not neglecting this utilitarian area sometimes known as a utility room. No matter what floor plan fits you and your household, your laundry-utility room is where necessary behind-the-scenes work gets done, and there’s no reason to make it a cramped cave!

Plenty of inspiration exists online, in magazines, and especially at ICI Homes model homes, which not only illustrate floor plans, but also fun and ingenious ways to make every square inch of your new custom Florida home work just for you.

Below are tips for not skimping on the laundry room.

Consider scale

The scale — or size of a room juxtaposed with objects in it — can be difficult to judge. Here’s where viewing model homes and doing design homework is illuminating.

For example, trying to cram GIANT washers and dryers into a smaller laundry room will feel like cramming them in a closet. If you need larger appliances, discuss their measurements during your appointment at the ICI Homes Design Center, where you’ll meet with one of our design pros who’ll help you choose your decorative finishes, materials and products. Our pros can guide you with laundry-room equipment too.

Helpful hint: we recommend researching today’s appliances before your ICI Homes Design Center visit. Research may reveal you don’t need GIANTS. Washers and dryers are more efficient and powerful than ever, and a smaller pair may be just what you need.

Make the space work for you

For most of us, a laundry room is a chore room. Washing and drying clothes and linens can be an everyday necessity, and your laundry room should be designed for maximum efficiency.

And why not create a versatile space? Cabinets are a win-win for storing cleaning supplies, kitchen items that are used infrequently, and pet food. Speaking of pets, a tiled, drained space to hose down dirty dogs could be your best friend.

Consider installing an ironing board. Perhaps a small countertop for folding clean laundry. Have delicate clothing or linens that should air-dry? A hanging rod tucked in a convenient spot will make that a breeze.

You can get all that by taking advantage of the complimentary customization consultation available to every prospective ICI Homes customer. It’s why we’re known as Florida’s Custom Home Builder. You’ll meet with a floor-plan designer who can tweak a plan to your laundry-room needs, or draw something fresh — often at little or no cost!

Make it fun

Don’t forget to decorate your laundry room. Hang pieces of art, or use favorite wallpaper or paint. Personalizing your laundry room makes it more pleasant to tackle those chores.

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