Choosing New Outdoor Furniture for Your New Florida Home

Florida’s year-round temperate climate beckons residents to enjoy a more outdoorsy lifestyle. If you’re a new resident, that may be one of the top reasons you’re building or buying a new custom Florida home with ICI Homes. But with a new outdoor living space comes new outdoor furniture needs.

But perhaps you’re not sure what works when it comes to furnishing your outdoor living spaces. Choosing New Outdoor Furniture for Your New Florida HomePools and summer kitchens might be a different experience for you, and we’re here to help you take stock of your existing outdoor furniture, plus guide you toward new choices.

Read on for thoughts on choosing new outdoor furniture for your new Florida home.

Durability is key

We adore the Sunshine State’s brightness, beaches and those cooling afternoon showers. But that same sun and moisture combination can wreak havoc on outdoor furnishings. This means choosing weather-impervious construction, materials and cushions if you shop for new outdoor furniture.

Will you use it by a pool? On a shady lanai? Don’t rush these choices. The more durable your new outdoor furnishings, the longer you’ll enjoy them.

If you’re moving here from a different climate and want to keep existing outdoor furniture, you may need to Florida-ize it. Even if it’s a natural, outdoor-hardy material like wicker. Furniture that weathered snow and milder summers may not transition to heat and humidity.

For example, you’re moving from New England, where Adirondack chairs are timeless — a look also popular in Florida. Be aware, however, that it’s likely wise to re-stain or paint those chairs with a UV-and-moisture-resistant paint formulated for this climate. Preventive maintenance will allow your household to continue to enjoy beloved furnishings.

Watch out for wrought iron

It’s classic, nearly indestructible, and will outlast most of us if cared for properly. Bonus: wind gusts won’t budge it. But wrought-iron furniture comes with caveats, so contemplate the following before you load up existing pieces, or choose this look for your new custom Florida home.

Any material susceptible to rust can be a high-maintenance choice in Florida’s warm, humid climate.Florida outdoor living space with durable outdoor furniture Iron rusts with constant exposure to moisture. Choose pieces that are painted and sealed, and consider using your wrought-iron furniture only on a covered lanai, porch or patio.

Another tip worth repeating: outfit wrought-iron chairs and chaises with sun-and-water-resistant cushions. Speaking of…

Two other considerations are heat and weight. That Florida sunshine will heat up wrought-iron furniture like a blacksmith’s forge, particularly in summer. Which is why you want to outfit seating pieces with the proper cushions and to shade tables with a sturdy, footed umbrella.

Then there’s weight. Solid wrought iron is HEAVY. Even small stools can be a chore to maneuver without assistance. Once you place it, it’s probably set. Just be aware of this if you’re a frequent entertainer who likes to move outdoor furniture to suit your gathering.

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