To Pool or Not: A Home Buyer’s Question

A backyard swimming pool is one of the hallmarks of Florida living. The state’s temperate climate makes enjoying a pool a year-round possibility,To Pool or Not: A Home Buyer’s Question and there’s something soothing about lounging — or working from home! — next to a lovely, watery vista.

If you’re considering building or buying a new custom Florida home with ICI Homes, installing a private backyard pool may be on your wish list. This can be an easy decision if you’ve owned a previous pool or have always wanted one. But if you’re unsure whether that backyard oasis works for you or your household, the decision might be complicated.

To help you decide, we’ve compiled a few considerations below. Hopefully, working your way through these questions will help you to decide whether to pool or not.

Will you use it?

This likely is the most important question. Pools are great for cooling off, hosting parties, entertaining friends and family, and aquatic workouts. They also don’t have to be in constant use to justify their existence. Even a small pool contributes to a home’s ambience, especially if it contains water-jet sprays that mimic a fountain.

But if you’re not sure you and yours will use a private pool, think twice. Here’s where buying or building a new custom Florida home in one of ICI Homes’ master-planned communities makes great sense.amenities You can enjoy the resort-style swimming pool(s) that are part of your resident amenities at your leisure, rather than dread the upkeep of an under-used pool in your back yard.

Budget is another decision point. A pool is a significant expense. If this is your first experience, do your homework. Talk to your ICI Homes sales associate, the floor plan designer you meet during your complimentary customization consultation and, of course, your builder. They’re happy to share information, tips and tricks to get the most bang for your pool-construction bucks.

What type of pool works for your household?

Banish the thought of a boring, backyard rectangle. Today’s pools come in an infinite variety of configurations, and can be customized like any element of a new custom Florida home.

Larger pools work well for large-scale socializing. custom swimming poolSmall pools can be the right answer for small households. Do you swim laps or do water aerobics? A lap pool tucked neatly beside your lanai may be just the thing.

Also think through how you’ll site your pool. The size and shape of your new lot often will determine the size and shape of your pool.

How will you handle the maintenance?

You probably already know, if you’ve owned a previous pool. If not, decide whether pool maintenance will be DIY, part of the kids’ chores, or hired out to a pool service.

Regardless of what you decide, proper maintenance is critical to keep your pool sparkling, clean and healthy for use. Don’t skimp on this decision!

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