Community Spotlight with Eric and Kelly Weyh at Nocatee

Wondering if a tandem, tag-team approach works in selling real estate?

ICI Homes’ Eric and Kelly Weyh are proof that it does — as a married couple!Community Spotlight with Eric and Kelly Weyh at Nocatee

The duo is based at the master-planned community of Nocatee, just south of Jacksonville, and are in their fourth year working together. They’ve even won awards for excellence in their field, including a joint award for “Top Producer Team” at the 2019 Laurel Awards.

ICI Homes is among Nocatee’s preferred builders, and the Weyhs have shifted from new Nocatee neighborhood to new Nocatee neighborhood, closing one, then opening another. All while helping buyers find their new custom Florida homes!

And, working as a team definitely has its benefits. “That’s one thing our buyers absolutely love,” Kelly says. “It doesn’t matter if Eric is working or I’m working. They walk through the door and we both know what they’re building. They don’t have to wait to talk to their sales agents.”

The Weyhs currently oversee ICI Homes sales in the newest Crosswater neighborhood of Anthem Ridge. Our advice is to contact Eric and Kelly NOW if you’re interested.

“When we tell you that lot isn’t going to be here when you come back, we’re not trying to give you a sale pitch,” Kelly says. “Nocatee is selling like hotcakes and it’s a hot market in general.”

One reason is the Weyhs’ enthusiasm and skill. Another is Nocatee’s status as a top-10 selling community in the U.S. Still another is a global-health-crisis-prompted influx from northeastern cities — buyers seeking a warmer climate, year-round outdoor recreation, no state taxes, and a more palatable cost of living.

“They’re seeing the value that is here,” Eric says. “How people live really close to the beach — just a different lifestyle than what they’re used to.”

Here’s more on ICI Homes’ tag team at Nocatee.

They work in unison

Both Florida natives — Kelly from Jacksonville and Eric from the Miami area — the Weyhs have been married for 14 years. They came from a longtime property-management background, although Kelly was the first to work with ICI Homes. Her husband, with another builder at the time, eventually joined her, although not without trepidation.

“She convinced me to do it, so I did it, and the only thing I’m upset about is that we didn’t do it earlier!” Eric says.

The Weyhs work together Friday through Sunday, then separately during the week, while each takes a break. But they had to figure out how to navigate constant career togetherness.

“We enjoy each other’s company and that helps,” Kelly says. “We just started pulling on each other’s strengths and weaknesses and realized we’ve got a really good thing going.”

About those videos

It’s a fun marketing tool the Weyhs are known for at Nocatee, thanks to Eric’s enthusiasm and Kelly’s willingness. Remember Anthem Ridge, the Nocatee neighborhood we told you that Eric and Kelly Weyh were currently selling in? Earlier this year, Eric starred in a video introducing the community while Kelly was behind the camera. Take a look at the video below, but remember – many of those homesites showed at the beginning of the video are now sold!

“Honestly, he could do anything at the drop of a hat, and I’m not,” Kelly admits. “I’ve got to have my list of what we’re doing. He’s flying by the seat of his pants and I’m not. I don’t like the camera but he does and he pushes me, but that’s good too.”

The videos also are icebreakers for new ICI customers.

“It’s amazing that people see the videos,” Eric says. “They come from Europe, Alaska, and Kansas, among other places, and they’re like, ‘OMG, I’ve seen your videos!’”

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