Many Options: What Else to Do at the Beach

Proximity to beaches is a major factor for many people who buy or build a new custom Florida home. Saltwater and sand are never far away when you live in the Many Options: What Else to Do at the BeachSunshine State. With 1,197 statute miles of coastline — the most of any state in the contiguous U. S. — plus 825 combined miles of Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico beaches, any day can be a beach day for Florida residents.

But, did you know there’s much more to do than merely swimming and sunning? If you’re a new Florida resident or close to becoming one, and you don’t have many beach experiences aside from vacations, you might not know that enjoying the beach can take many forms.

We at ICI Homes have build custom Florida homes all over the state for 40 years, and although we have numerous division offices, our corporate headquarters is in Daytona Beach, the “World’s Most Famous Beach.” So, we know a thing or two about beach days!

Read on for your many options. Or, what else to do at the beach.

Classic for a reason

Plopping on a towel or in a lounge chair never gets old. Especially when you can bask in sunshine and listen to the sounds of waves and shore birds. Add a cool drink, beach umbrella and snacks, and you’re set for hours. Talk about a stress antidote!

When you need to move around, go for walk. At low tide, look for seashells at the water line, or where waves lap the sand. Swim safely in nearshore waters (near a lifeguard) or ride waves on a fun float.

Bonus points if you enjoy all this with family and friends.

But wait, there’s more

You bet there is.

Rent a beach bicycle or bring your bike. Low tide is the best time for cycling, when beaches are wider, flatter and the sand is firmer.

Go surfing! Florida’s Atlantic coast is renowned for its surf scene and competitions. Ask someone who’s an experienced surfer to teach you, or take lessons from a certified instructor. Summer surf camps are available for many ages.

Do your daily cardio at the beach. Work up a productive sweat while enjoying your surroundings. We’ve mentioned walking and cycling, but running is perennially popular, too.

Take a yoga class or bring your own mat for a solitary session in the sand.

Volleyball often is available at public parks that offer nets and space to play.

How to find your beach

Look for a new custom Florida home within minutes of a beach. For example, our Verona Oceanside community in Ormond by the Sea, near Daytona Beach, is across the street from one.

For most of us, county and state beach parks offer all the amenities and plentiful parking we need for a safe, fun day. Just don’t forget the sunscreen, hat and sunglasses!

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