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Unless you’re a financial whiz, or someone in your immediate family or circle of friends is, the intricacies of buying a new home can be overwhelming, especially for opens in a new window2.75% Fixed Rate Mortgage Incentive opens in a new windowfirst-time buyers. Add an uncertain economy and Wall Street doings, and the overwhelm can lead to frustration. But fear not — buying a new custom Florida home in a “flux” economy can be frustration-free. All you need is some patience, the willingness to learn key financial terms, interest rates, and processes, and you’ll be clearer on your path to a great new home.

There’s no doubt the recent global health crisis has affected all of us. Homebuyers pursuing their next new homes, whether for personal, career or family reasons, will need to pack some extra patience and can-do attitude.

The good news is that we at ICI Homes and our preferred lending partners are working hard to make it as easy — and even enjoyable! — as possible.

Staying steady is key

If you’re tracking interest rates and financial markets, you’ve seen some roller-coaster ones in recent months. That’s to be expected.

Interest rates for most mortgages have skewed up and down and around as markets and housing industry statistics reacted to the health crisis and its attendant economic effects. Mortgage lenders take their interest-rate cues from the Federal Reserve, which is monitoring and reacting to the needs of the U.S. economy.

However, the Florida residential housing market remains healthy. ICI Homes is actively building new custom homes opens in a new windowall over the state, as we have for 40 years. We’re providing customers with opens in a new windowa wealth of online resources to locate, tour, select, and buy just the Florida home they need — even with convenient opens in a new windowlive virtual appointments if desired.

We’re also opens in a new windowscrupulously following the guildelines from the CDC and governor of Florida when it comes to in-person meetings. If you prefer that route, opens in a new windowschedule a private, one-on-one tour of a model or quick-move-in home.

Special interest rates for special customers

For a limited time, our preferred lenders are offering a opens in a new window2.75 percent interest rate for a 30-year fixed loan* on select homes in our communities.

We know the demand remains strong and want to help customers get the homes they want. Long story short, this special rate can save you a ton of money. opens in a new windowAll the deep-dive details are right here.

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You do have to have a minimum credit score of 740 and use our preferred lenders. Veterans Affairs (VA) and Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans also are available with special rates.

Ready for your new custom Florida home? opens in a new windowTalk to ICI Homes here.