Need a Top-Rated Home Builder? Ask ICI Homes’ Customers

When you build a new custom Florida home with ICI Homes, one of the things you’ll receive is a customized experience.

Yes, you’ll be able to choose your interior paint colors. And a floor plan that fits your household. You’ll have more information than you can absorb thanks to our fully stocked website, on-site Need a Top-Rated Home Builder? Ask ICI Homes’ Customersbrochures and friendly sales personnel.

Also know this: at ICI Homes, a customized experience means more than those basics.

Our method isn’t a maximum-units-moved-per-month pipeline. You won’t be stuck with a cookie-cutter home that looks like everyone else’s. Nor will you have trouble getting anyone associated with the process to respond to questions or concerns.

Every home builder says that, right?

In ICI Homes’ case, our customers do.

These days, our overall customer satisfaction rating is 96 percent. Zooming a little closer, our East Central Florida division enjoys nearly a 30-percent referral rate. Per division president Samuel D. Morrisett, the current industry standard is closer to a 15- or 20-percent referral rate.

That’s tremendous! Thanks to our happy homeowners out there! Those numerical expressions of satisfaction are humbling as well as validating, and inspire all of us continue to do what we do.

But how does this happen? We’ll explain.

A custom process = a custom experience

“We’re considered a custom home builder,” Morrisett says. “Primarily what that means is we offer our customers a custom product with a custom process.”

This is one of ICI Homes’ major principles that founder Mori Hosseini continues to champion today. We’ve built new custom homes all over the state of Florida for more than four decades, so we’ve honed, improved and changed our custom-building process along the way.

Such experience allows us to connect with innumerable customers. We’re able to match 21st-century techniques and trends with young families, empty-nesters, career-first folks and retirees — only a few life seasons that we encounter daily.

“Many of our customers literally have become lifelong friends of the company,” says Morrisett, citing one east-central Florida family who’s building their EIGHTH (!) ICI Homes home.

The customer-service trifecta

That longevity adds experience has helped us prioritize our customer-first mindset.

“There are three things that are critical,” Morrisett says of customers’ expectations. “They want the home they choose to be built on time, they want it delivered 100 percent complete at closing, and they want timely warranty service.”

Simple, right? It’s not, for home builders nor individuals. Murphy’s Law nicks all of us at some point, but by focusing on customer satisfaction first — drilling down to those three priorities above on every home we build — ICI Homes consistently defeats Murphy most of the time.

“It’s the degree to which you execute that and make it special for the customer,” Morrisett says.

Ours tend to respond with thumbs-ups. And dial us again!

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Check out our Video Testimonial Playlist on our YouTube channel.

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