Try These Super-Helpful Home Technology Gadgets

Since we live in an era of never-ending automation, why not sample some of the newest tools or innovative methods to make household chores or processes simpler?

Why not indeed? You’ll find indoor and outdoor gadgets, and almost everything in between. Admittedly, some of these gadgets aren’t really “gadgets.” They’re full-blown appliances or systems.Try These Super-Helpful Home Technology Gadgets

But they sure are handy no matter the nomenclature! And some of the systems are great ideas to incorporate when planning your new custom Florida home. Talk to your ICI Homes floor plan designer when you schedule your free customization consultation, and again with your design consultant at the ICI Homes Design Center once you’re under contract.

Here’s a sampling of super-helpful home technology gadgets to try.

Indoor items

Let’s start with some basics.

Programmable coffee pots have been with us for a while, but their time-saving features haven’t waned. In fact, they may be more efficient now because many all-in-one models now incorporate coffee grinders and espresso functions along with the plain brew pot.

Buying one countertop appliance that does four things, plus presents you with a hot pot of coffee at 5 a.m., if you tell it to and load the raw materials the night before, sounds smarter than buying three or four single-function appliances.

Moving on, robotic vacuum cleaners and mops are the gadgets everyone seems eager to try. Instead of do-it-yourself, they’re do-it-for-you when it comes to two of the most odious housecleaning chores.

Just try to find someone who enjoys mopping and vacuuming. Okay, they probably exist. But our point is, programming a robotic appliance to clean your floors rather than lugging a vacuum cleaner or mop bucket all over the house, seems like a no-brainer.

They may not be cheap, but neither are the latest-technology vacuum cleaners. And if you’re robot-averse, the latter might be a viable alternative. Some of the upright vacuums are downright scientific marvels.

Outdoor items

Robotic lawn mowers are the exterior version of robotic vacuum cleaners. The stuff of dreams if you’re the chief grass cutter.

They aren’t cheap either, so steel yourself for more sticker shock, although prices may evolve as their use becomes more widespread and more manufacturers offer products.

For now, add all the hours you spend mowing grass — yes, even on a riding mower — and attach a value to it. All those hours could be spent doing something else if a robotic mower made the laps in your yard.

Today’s irrigation and outdoor lighting systems aren’t robotic, but they’re the next best thing. Anything that keeps you from having to get up, go outside and physically flip switches on or off, is a win-win.

You can program your irrigation and exterior lighting systems via your smart home controller tablet, or by programming those systems’ separate master controls.

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