Design Tips for Serene, Seamless Living

Thanks to our digital devices and 24-7 connectivity, it’s go-go-go everyday for many of us, no matter our ages or life seasons. Being busy, entertained and accomplished are positive states of mind for the most part, but being constantly swamped and overwhelmed isn’t.

When we need a break from our busy world, most of us likely flop at home. Those weekday evenings after work and kids’ activities can be the only downtime for many people, who sometimes rampSerene Living up their leisure schedule on the weekends in attempts to do it all (or most of it).

So, how best to seek our much-needed serenity at home? Without earplugs, white-noise machines and bans on television and loud conversations?

We can do it with our decor. Read on for design tips for serene, seamless living.

Out of sight, out of mind

Having a place for everything, and everything in its place, goes a long way toward peaceful surroundings.

How many times have you sat down to watch TV or (gasp!) read an actual book, and noticed toys piled on furniture, abandoned drinking glasses on coasters and a rug that begs for vacuuming?

We’re not advocating being neat freaks. Probably all of us postpone dusting and vacuuming until it’s doable time-wise. We ARE advocating proper storage and less clutter.

When you’re ready to design your new custom Florida home, consider shelving, extra cabinets and closets to tuck away belongings and tame life’s messes. How about built-in drawers under window seats? Simpler options include attractive floor baskets or crates that corral toys, books and magazines.

Cleanup and storage that’s easy and quick, gets done. Your sense of serenity will thank you.

Make it bright

Not neon. Cheerful. Or cozy, depending on your favorite interior colors and moods.

Claustrophobic curtains, shutters and drapes trap Florida’s fantastic natural light and sunshine. Those same concealers are necessary for nighttime privacy, but by day — especially if you work from home or spend most of your daylight hours there — enjoy lighter, brighter interiors.

You can enhance natural lighting with soothing neutral paint and wallpaper. Use lighter-colored flooring — or darker flooring to enhance lighter walls and furnishings — throughout your home. That same material flowing through the major living areas also produces a united, seamless appearance.

At night, rely on artificial lighting — task, decorative and overhead — for serene interiors. Burn some aromatic and striking candles. Cozy it up with comfy upholstered furniture, soft throws and pillows, and use ceiling fans to warm or cool.

And don’t forget mirrors. Used singularly or en masse, they reflect and brighten any area.

Tame the noise

Easier said than done, but absolutely worth it.

TVs, home theaters and laundry rooms shouldn’t go back-to-back with bedrooms. You’ll not want to be disturbed by any of that noise pollution on the other side of the wall.

The same goes for kids’ activity rooms and man caves when you’re trying to sleep, watch your own TV or power down for the night.

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