Cheap, Fun Ways to Use Wallpaper

Didn’t wallpaper go out of style along with clothing shoulder pads and 8-track audio tapes?

If you have to Google either items, you might be too young to recall the garish, foil wallpaper that was popular for too many decades in bathrooms and entryways. But if you’re not, you’re probably wallpaperwondering why we’re suggesting wallpaper as a suitable design element in today’s era of smart homes.

The truth is it’s back in an updated way, and you can continue to enjoy full rooms of it, or use it as decorative flourishes that’ll have guests saying, “How’d you do that?”

Here are some cheap, fun ways to use wallpaper.

Go small if you go big

Want to wrap yourself (not literally) in rolls of a luscious design you just have to have?

Unless you’re a wallpaper loyalist, choose a small room. The impact is much greater and it’s not in everyone’s face all the time in the manner it would be in a larger living area.

Wallpapering a small room also makes it less likely you’ll tire of that favorite pattern over time. You’re not confronted with it on a continual basis. (Unless maybe it’s the water closet in your owners’ suite bathroom.)

And if you’re a wallpaper newbie, you don’t want to tire of it. Trust us. Think painting is a hassle? Try removing and replacing wallpaper, especially the traditional kind that goes on with paste. Speaking of…

Avoid traditional wallpaper

Well, mostly. You may run across a pattern you adore that’s applied the old fashioned way, which means a messy weekend project or paying someone else to do it.

But why?

So many manufacturers make wallpaper today that’s self-adhesive, and comes in innumerable colors, finishes and designs. We’ll bet you’ll find something you like.

When you do, just peel the protective backing and apply. Make sure your walls are clean and smooth first (spackle any dents, holes or nail heads). Then work slowly and carefully to make sure each sheet goes on uniformly, and that the paper’s pattern isn’t off-kilter.

Use wallpaper as a decorative accent

If you don’t want your rooms wallpapered, but do want more impact that paint, choose wallpaper patterns that complement your decor and design style, then use them in unexpected ways.

Want a low-risk place to try it? How about the back walls of closets and bookcases (that aren’t over-stuffed)? Also family members’ mudroom or entry storage cubbyholes.

Want to branch out? Have some fun in your laundry or utility room. You spend enough time there, especially if doubles as storage and a pet-care station. Choose bright pinstripes or a busier, more vibrant design such as dog treats floating against a light background.

Want oohs and aahs? Wallpaper the ceilings in kids’ bedrooms with a solar system design that glows in the dark. Choose another fun design for your pantry — one that makes you smile every time you open its door. Have stairs? Stick some decorative pizzaz on the vertical space at the back of each step.

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