Best Time to Make the Expensive Purchases for Your New Home

When you build a new custom Florida home with ICI Homes, it comes equipped with Energy Star appliances and a hybrid electric water heater.

Those are important parts of our EQ Factor building promise, which prioritizes energy-efficient and environmentally friendly construction materials, techniques and a commitment to quality. Restnew home purchases assured you’ll have top-notch stuff.

But if you’re bringing your own appliances, prefer an imported British stove, or want to add, say, a wine cooler, then you’ll need to go shopping. And appliances aren’t the only big-ticket goodies you might need to outfit your new home, or to upgrade your existing inventory.

Here are some pointers on the best time to make those expensive purchases for your new home.

Buy seasonally

It’s a wise move for sweaters, heavy coats and bathing suits. Why not major household objects?

For example, appliances and big electronics usually are smart end-of-the-year purchases. January’s another good time to score a TV in the consumer buildup to Super Bowl Sunday. But we digress…

Like automobiles, the latest and greatest dishwashers, ovens and other necessary household workhorses debut near the end of each year, which means you can find good deals on the year-old models. Look first for Black Friday sales from specialty retailers and big-box home improvement stores, then their succession of post-holiday sales.

If you’re eyeing that next-level, high-dollar vacuum cleaner, autumn or early winter are usually the best times to score that item.

Refrigerators, however, are another matter. Their peak sale season is springtime. As it is for outdoor furnishings such as gas grills and lounge chairs.

If you’re willing to wait and watchdog prices, you can find great pricing on final-final-clearance items during their offseason. Just make sure anything marked “return” or “in-box” isn’t damaged and is free of defects.

Shop traditional sales

Need new bed linens? Towels? Curtains?

Splurge on January white sales. That’s when most major retailers and department stores market all those items and many more at a considerable discount. Think sheets, blankets, warm throws, shower curtains, kitchen towels, bath mats, and mattress pads. Speaking of mattresses…

Bookmark your purchase window for those on Memorial Day weekend. Other major U.S. holidays that follow, such as the Fourth of July and Labor Day, also feature big discounts on mattresses, box springs, and complete sets.

Check big-box stores, department stores and mattress stores for the best pricing. And do your homework. You might not need to replace your box springs.

Know your limits

As in price and size.

If you’re replacing an appliance or buying that wine cooler, measure first to make sure whatever it is will fit your allotted space.

And since most of us must be price-aware, don’t be dazzled by dollars only, whether online or at a store. Sometimes big markdowns occur because of a big scratch down the side of a washer or dryer. Or another unknown fault. Always do your homework first.

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