When Do I Sell My Home? Tips to Consider

NEWS FLASH: there’s no perfect time of the year to put your current home on the market.

There are seasons when going to market can be easier, depending on your geographical region, but the truth is there are no blanket absolutes. It all depends on the home you’re selling, where it is,when do I sell my home? the real estate trends in your area and your pricing.

The larger truth is the best time of year to sell your home is…when you need to sell it. And that may be the time of year generally cited as the worst time.

Doesn’t matter. You may have to move fast and without much warning to accommodate a sudden job change or family emergency. Even if you control your decision to move, your motivations, resources, and circumstances are unique, and only you know what’s best for you.

So let’s look at some tips that might help you decide when to sell your home.

The traditional best-time-of-year to sell

Is spring. Late spring or early summer in colder climates. If you can list during these warmer months, by all means, do so. You’ll have a number of positive trends working for you.

Savvy home buyers know spring and early summer are the optimum times to list, and will wait until tulips, roses, and For-Sale signs sprout, before beginning their home search.

Part of the spring-summer attraction also is psychological. It’s simply more pleasant to tour listings when the weather is nice. And the exterior of your home is more appealing when trees and flowers are blooming.

School systems being on annual break is another reason that spring and summer are viewed as optimum times to sell your home. It’s easier for families to sell their old home, buy a new one and move during the summer when kids are out of school.

Off-season listings can attract more buyer attention

If you live in a warm-weather state like Florida, there’s no bad time to sell your home. But what if you don’t, and can’t put your home on the market in spring or summer”

Big deal. Selling in a so-called off-season can make your home the star of the show.

There are many other people like you out there, who must move during autumn or winter, who are pouring over a reduced roster of listings in your area.

Your home has a good chance of receiving more interest from more buyers than during peak selling season. And it only requires interest from one right buyer to sell your home.

Tips for off-season selling

If you’re in a snowy region, keep your sidewalks and driveway neatly cleared.

If you’re selling during end-of-the-year holidays, decorate but with a light touch. That giant inflatable snowman in the front yard isn’t a good idea.

Have a fireplace? Allow it to do its warming, crackling thing during open-house hours.

Invite as much light as possible, inside. Open shades, curtains, and shutters. Light candles!

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