Our Guide to St. Augustine’s Historic District

St. Augustine. It’s one of the oldest places in the United States and one of the most heavily visited.

We at ICI Homes promise it’s worth it. The Ancient City is less than 50 miles south of Jacksonville and under 100 miles north of Daytona Beach. That makes it the perfect day trip for residents in Oldest Citymany of our communities! It’s the nation’s oldest city (founded in 1565) and contains many structures that are “the oldest” in some guise.

You’ll find six centuries of architecture, history and just plain “wow” moments. It’s also easy to find great photo opportunities and food and drink.

Let’s assume you’ve settled in your new ICI Homes community. You know what comes next — friends and family members who flock to your place. Odds are they’ll want to check out St. Augustine while they’re in town and will look to you for guidance.

Don’t worry. We’ve got a scouting report.

Here’s our guide to St. Augustine’s historic district.

Do your research

There are too many attractions, museums, historical areas and cultural activities for us to enumerate, particularly if you’ve never been to the Ancient City. So — we promise this isn’t a cop-out — start by perusing the city’s official website and its visitors and convention bureau site.

There are many others — the National Park Service, for example. Most of St. Augustine’s major sites and attractions have an official online home. Then, plot your itinerary and decide whether you’d like to take a tour, or enjoy the sights you’d like to see on your own.

Either way, someone in your group will have to park a vehicle somewhere. Which brings us to…

Park here

It’s called the Historic Downtown Parking Garage — actually a large, multi-level deck — and it’s the way to go. Especially if yours is a day-long visit. As of this writing, the daily fee is $15 per vehicle. The garage is easy to access, which is important in St. Augustine’s smallish old streets, and your vehicle will be shaded unless you park on the top level.

You can sleuth out a private lot or lurk for a street space, but you’re paying for parking no matter where you do it, and (A) the city garage is centrally located, (B) it’s large and (C) it’s well-lit, with elevators and stairs to whisk you up and down.

Who wants to break away from fantastic experiences to feed a parking meter?

First stop

After you park at the city garage, head for the St. Augustine & St. Johns County Visitor Information Center next door. Public restrooms are here, and helpful staff provide maps of the historic district, updated info on tours, times and events, and can recommend places to eat, shop and see.

Among many things. These folks are walking FAQ-answerers. Utilize their knowledge.

Now you’re ready to explore historic St. Augustine!

Join us?

We’ve been Florida’s Custom Home Builder for more than 40 years, with an extensive portfolio in the northeast part of the state. We know what a treasure St. Augustine is, and we’d be glad to build your Jacksonville or Daytona-area home so you can enjoy the Ancient City any time you like.

Once you’re ready, talk to ICI Homes here.