Our Top Four Suggestions for First-Time Home Builders

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Ready to take the home-building plunge? As a newbie? All we at ICI Homes ask you to remember is this: even if the new custom Florida home you’re seeking or dreaming of isn’t the first home you’ve purchased, it’ll be a new experience if it’s the first home you’ll have built.

Having one built to your specifications requires more homework on your part. But we promise it’s worth it to get EXACTLY what you want.

To prepare, grab our handy brochure that details everything about your role in the building process. Then, consider the suggestions below.

Know what you want

As much as possible, know what you want. Even if you haven’t decided on floorplan, knowledge of how your household functions will be incredibly helpful once you begin meeting with builders.

We mean basic stuff, not construction engineering. Do you prefer one floor or two? A pool? A bedroom for each kid? Accessible bathrooms for the in-laws suite? Simply knowing how you and yours use a house, often makes that floorplan decision much easier.

Here’s a tip: consider where you currently live. What do you like about it? Not like about it? How would you complete the phrase, “in my next home, I’ll have/not have X,Y and Z?”


Make lists

With pen and paper. Or, on your phone or tablet. The act of writing down likes and dislikes — whether digitally or the old-fashioned way — can sharpen your memory and focus your preferences.

Do you have a built-in wine cooler in your current home and never use it? If so, it’s probably unnecessary in your new home, so put it on the dislikes list. Make a note to turn that space into extra pantry storage, for example.

Sick of banging vehicle doors on the sides of your current, claustrophobic garage? Add another one to the dislike list. Make a note to opt for a three-vehicle garage — even if you only own two vehicles — in your new home. The lawn mower will look great there, too.

And, if you absolutely, positively must have a water feature in your new home, even if only a burbling fountain near the lanai, write it down on the likes list. Our architects can make it happen, thriftily, if you tell them during the customization consultation.

Make your meetings

We get it. We have jam-packed lives, busy families and schedules, too. But our awesome co-workers can’t build your new custom Florida home without you. They First time home buildersneed your input and full attention at every step of the process, to give you the home you want. So if emergencies and real life interrupt or cancel a meeting, re-schedule it as promptly as possible.

We repeat: make your meetings.

Admit when you need help

Be honest about things you don’t know. You have questions. Maybe you’re confused.

That’s what our professional designers, architects and builders are there for (aside from constructing your home). They’re happy to offer guidance, educate and answer questions. They won’t make decisions for you, but they’ll help you reach the point where you CAN make decisions. And that won’t happen unless you say HELP!

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