The 10 Upgrades That Make a Difference at Resale

Looking to sell your current home so you can buy a new custom Florida home? Congratulations! You likely already know you must fix that leaky shower in your current home, or re-sod that tired backyard before you go to market. But, did you know there are specific upgrades that can pump up your sale price? Read on to add some of those smart items to your to-do list.

Energy Efficiency

Most potential buyers appreciate environment-friendly homes. For example, install timers on your lawn The 10 Upgrades That Make a Difference at Resalesprinkler, or photo-cell sensors that extinguish exterior lights at daybreak, and turn them on at dusk. If your heat pump needs replacing, do so with an energy-efficient model.

Tankless Water Heater

These are a fraction of the size of the monolithic tank that sits in your garage, basement or an interior closet. A wall-mounted tankless unit heats water on demand, endlessly, rather than storing it 24/7. Because it operates on demand, it can mean significant power-bill savings.

Farm Sink

You may have a bigger kitchen upgrade than replacing the sink, but a farm sink — a single deep sink that can accommodate several large pots and a meal’s worth of dishes — is a good choice. It’s a traditional design done well in classic ceramic, stone or stainless steel. Teeny, divided sinks from decades ago are instant ugh for most buyers, particularly those who enjoy cooking.

Upgraded Counters

Same principle applies here — banish the stained Formica or chipped faux stone. This goes for kitchen and bathrooms. Again, think classic, timeless materials and colors that blend with multiple decors. Save the gold-veined black marble for your future home.


Few things are more dated than plain fluorescent tube lights. Also, get rid of that fake-brass thing over the breakfast table. Timelessness pays, whether old-world or contemporary styling. This includes ceiling fans, a virtual must in Florida. Outdoor and indoor living areas, bedrooms and kitchens all benefit from twirling ceiling fans equipped with light kits.


If the ones in your existing home are any color other than white, black, charcoal or stainless steel, begin shopping today. Classic, commercial-look refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers and microwaves are the standard. Meeting that standard could recoup the cash you spend now.

Walk-In Showers

Unless you’re a soak-the-world-away type, any bathroom renovation should include a roomy, walk-in shower. Showering is faster in our sped-up culture and few people want to step over a bathtub wall to do it. Buyers may view a whirlpool tub as a giant laundry hamper.

That Second Bath or Bedroom

This is crucial if your current home is older or smallish, and you only have two bedrooms or one bathroom. Three bedrooms and two full bathrooms are non-negotiable if you hope to tap the largest possible market. If you can, it’s totally worth it to add on or expand.

Fix Major Structural Issues

Those new kitchen appliances (and farm sink) won’t obscure the old roof or HVAC system, the cranky plumbing or the leaky basement in your current home. If you have a major external or internal issue, make it a non-issue. Prospective buyers won’t pay for it. Or, they’ll force you to cut your price. Substantially.

Make a Good First Impression

This may be as simple as painting your front door, pressure-washing your porch or outfitting window boxes with fresh geraniums. Or, you may need to paint the entire exterior. Tidying landscaping and repaving a cracked concrete driveway score bonus points, too.

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