Outdoor Entertaining With Lighting

If you’re building a new custom Florida home, one of your first considerations should be how to enjoy the Sunshine State’s superb climate. If you’re a current resident, we shouldn’t need to convince you. If you’re heading our way from another climate, our advice is to get outdoors! Living and entertaining outside is a way of life here, and comfortable, versatile outdoor spaces are as important as interior ones. Decorative lighting is one of the best techniques to enhance your exterior living space. Read on for our tips on lighting up your outdoor life.

Take Indoor Lighting, OutdoorsBexley-Brooke-4742-web

All forms of interior lighting — chandeliers, table lamps, recessed lighting and sconces, among others — can be re-created outside using weather-hardy fixtures. They can be solar-, gas-, electric- and candle-powered. So, hang that rustic wrought-iron chandelier you wouldn’t use indoors as a focal point over an all-purpose table on a covered porch or outdoor living room. Another example is scones, which are as effective and ambient on exterior walls as they are illuminating an interior hallway.

Use Classic Exterior Lighting

It’s a great idea to borrow the utility and functionality of interior light fixtures, but don’t forget the utility and timelessness of outdoor fixtures. Lanterns — whether candle-powered or not — are one of those classic elements that works everywhere outdoors, in any decor. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be statement-makers when you entertain. Try a single giant lantern as a chandelier, or hang small ones together for effect above an outdoor kitchen or patio.

Quick And Easy Outdoor Lighting Tricks

If you’re budgeting for bigger impacts down the road, don’t fear “making do” with basic outdoor lights. Entertaining doesn’t have to mean bring-your-own-candle. String up exterior holiday lights year-round. They’ll make the roof of a pergola glow. Or, try fun paper lanterns. And, don’t forget that weather-resistant staple, the hurricane lamp — thick, shapely glass cylinders that shelter fat pillar candles. A grouping is perfect tabletop lighting for a cookout.

Highlight Your Landscaping

Have a garden? Or, flower beds and shrubbery you’d like to show off? Light it all up after dark. Spotlighting palms or terra cotta container gardens near the pool provides a striking background to any festive or fun outdoor occasion. Do be mindful of safety: your garden, pool deck or lawn should be lit well enough for guests to walk around without tripping or falling. Solar path lights are a good environmentally friendly option that require none of your time and attention.

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