Seven Small Building Ideas That Live Large

Building a new custom Florida home? Congratulations! By now you’re familiar with the many decisions that must be made before and during the building process. Decisions also pop up when customizing a home, particularly serendipitous ones like the great idea you spotted online or in an airline magazine that’s a perfect solution for your new pantry. To make inspiration a little timelier, we’re sharing a list of seven random great ideas to peruse before constructions crews begin hammering and sawing. Read on for little things that can live big in your custom home.

Outlets With USB Ports

These are for charging electronics, and we don’t mean the toaster or the hair dryer. Put USB-port outlets everywhere you can, especially near countertops and built-in storage such as shelves, mudroom cubbyholes and drawers. You’ll thank yourself later; so will your phone, tablet, iPod and as-yet-uninvented devices.

ICI Homes Egret V model
ICI Homes Egret V model

Pull-Out Kitchen Bins for Garbage and Recycling

Who’s tired of tossing rinsed-out soup cans in a plastic grocery bag, then piling them in the garage until the weekly recycling pickup? We thought so.

A Real Utility Room

Not a washer and dryer tucked behind a bi-fold door in a hallway or kitchen. While you’re at it, select an outrageous, favorite paint color or choose cheerful, fun wallpaper. Plan enough space to comfortably wield an ironing board or a clothes steamer. Install a deep sink for washing pots, planters or played-in-the-dirt toddlers. Cabinets and adjustable shelves live large here, too.

A Pet Care Area

Pets are as much a part of the family as their owners, so carve out space in that versatile new utility room to install a basin large enough for dog baths. Include bins or shelves for pet food, brushes and toys, or floor space for a litter box. Custom hooks to hang leashes are a nice touch.

Kitchen Appliance Garage

It can be at countertop level, or in a pantry only steps away. Or, try a lower drawer dedicated to choppers, processors and blenders. Establishing one easy-access corral for all those small kitchen machines means every gadget will be within grabbing distance when you need it.

Wiring For ‘Down the Road’

Specifically, this is for items you may not need immediately in your new home, but might add months or years later. Examples are garage outlets, security systems and whole-house music systems. Have designs on an electric car? Need to charge your golf cart? Install a 220V garage outlet. Ask your builder to install the wiring and conduit for any anticipated electrical upgrades.

A Closet for the Cleaner

Round up the vacuum cleaner, brooms, dust mops, dust pans and dusters. Don’t pile them with coats in the coat closet or with food and kitchen supplies in the pantry. Given them their own closet in that new utility room or a separate closet that’s convenient to use. All the typical supplies in one spot makes it easier for cleaning to get done. Plus, it eliminates the I-can’t-find-it excuse.

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