Design Your Own Home Spa

If you love all the accouterments and pampering of a spa day, you don’t have to drop continual hints for birthday and holiday gift cards. Or, blow up your schedule to find time to escape to an actual spa. It’s easy to install a do-it-yourself version when you build your new custom Florida home. Simply pick a bathroom (not the kids bathroom!) and pack it full of the colors, accessories and fixtures that give you a similar, soothing experience. Allow us to show you how to design your own home spa.

Size Sort of Matters in Your New Spa

The bathroom you choose doesn’t have to be epic in proportion, but it’s nice to have space for a comfortable tub (think soaking tub). How about a specialty shower with numerous massaging jets? It’s also nice to add a terry-cloth upholstered bench or armchair. And, don’t forget to scale the bathroom you choose for storage of all those extra-fluffy towels. There’s no such thing as too much storage.Bexley-Brooke-4668-web

Atmosphere Really Matters in Your New Spa

Jot down the things you like about the spas you’ve visited. Most of us must forgo the masseuse and gourmet refreshments, but decor and music absolutely are within reach. If you adore spa sounds, consider a separate system for your home spa. If you love certain spa-oriented scents, plan a splash-free spot for candles or other scent diffusers. Need peace and quiet? Soundproofing your home spa could do the trick. You might even select a door that compliments nearby areas, but is distinctive enough to announce an aggravation-free zone.

Colors and Textures Matter

There’s a reason superlative spas use the color schemes they do. Serene pastels convey relaxation and perhaps no colors are more spa-preeminent that light blue, green and turquoise. They’re also classic bedroom and bathroom colors. Some research suggests that blue has a calming effect on blood pressure and heart rates. But, if blue and green aren’t your thing, go with colors you love.

Another home-spa trick is to use natural materials — or natural-like, such as ceramic wood-look floor tiles. Fresh flowers, wreaths or cedar-bark-wrapped candles all are easy ways to invite Mother Nature into your home spa.

Bath Fixtures Matter

Water is crucial to the spa experience, so don’t automatically default to the basic faucets, shower-heads, sprayers and tub jets. Waterfall faucets add a little natural music when in use. A top-notch, pulsating shower spray can soothe a sore back, masseuse-free. As for splurges…

Splurges Matter Most of All

You know you want a warming drawer for towels and maybe even a freestanding towel-warming rack. You want to reproduce the tile mosaic in the entry of your favorite spa, which means calling in a crafts-person. Be ready to indulge those one or two can’t-live-without luxuries and budget for them. You’ll be glad you did.

Ready to design your own home spa? ICI Homes is ready to help. Start here.