Building a Custom Home Doesn’t Have to be Impossible

You’re in the market for a new Florida home and you’ve worn out your computer’s refresh key trying to find the perfect abode. Or, perhaps you’re tired of endless weekend visits to new communities where you never quite like the models or available plans.

Since a new home is such a giant financial commitment, why not get exactly what you want? Here at ICI Homes, we’re known as Florida’s Custom Home Builder. Allow us to explain why a custom solution may be perfect for your dream-home dilemma.

Custom Homes Don’t Have to Be More Expensive

Or a pain, or an endless negotiation. Building the custom way simply means building the home that’s right for you and your household, instead of you having to accept a one-size-fits-most home. It doesn’t mean automatically attaching thousands of dollars to the price tag. A good custom builder works with your budget and priorities to design a cost-effective, unique solution. Which brings us to…ICI Brooke model

Chose The Right Custom Home Builder

At ICI Homes, we’ve been doing what we do for more than three decades all over Florida. So we don’t flinch when someone says, “Can I add a bonus room?” Chances are, the answer almost always is, “Yes!” Building finely crafted, custom Florida homes is our focus. We do it with a deep catalog of popular, award-winning plans whose elements can be mixed and matched to suit customers’ tastes and needs. We also do it with experienced architects and designers who take the time to learn about their customers’ tastes and needs.

Work Together to Tailor Your Custom Home Plan

Building a custom home is a collaborative effort. By taking the time to consider your must-haves, and to listen to your concerns and lifestyle descriptions, we put our experience to work for you. Our plans contain built-in flexibility — what’s a bonus room on one side of the house can transform into a home office on the opposite side. That means many of our plans can be tweaked effortlessly. And, because we’re renowned for custom work, odds are a previous customer has asked for similar tweaks. A slam dunk for you!

Think About the Future

This consideration can work two ways. You might think you’ll be in your new home forever, but life happens, right? Jobs, families and personal and professional obligations sometimes mean you’ll need to move and put your custom home on the market. The time to think about this is during the design phase. A customized yoga studio or backyard squash court will appeal to only so many potential buyers. Bottom line: build the home you want, but hold off on the seriously individualized spaces unless you know you’ll live there long-term.

Ready to build your custom Florida home? ICI Homes is ready to build it for you. Start here.