Signs You’re Ready to Build A New Home

It could be over-stuffed closets spilling into hallway floors. Perhaps piles of inspirational home-and-garden magazines. Hours of digital “Pinning,” or “liking” on social-media and design websites.
However the new-home itch arrives, it often does so in very specific forms. Here are a few ways you know you’re ready to build your new home.

You Already Know Your Builder

In fact, you’ve stalked that company via model-home visits and torn-out magazine pages. It may be a person or designer whose work you admire and whose style matches yours. No matter the source of your construction empathy, you know you’d like to discuss a new-home project with him, her or a company representative.

You Know You Want Newexterior

No resale or fixer-upper. You may binge-watch those realty TV shows, but there will be no treks through salvage yards for your new home. You don’t want to paint out the previous owner’s color choices, or be surprised by a 20-year-old toilet that suddenly leaks. Building new means expressing only your design preferences. Not adjusting to or eradicating someone else’s.

You’ve Built Your Home in Your Mind

Perhaps even sketched it on paper or a digital tablet, if so inclined. You know what granite you want for kitchen counter tops, that outrageous color in the utility room. The doggie condo to be installed under the stairs. You know restaurants you want to walk to. The community where you want to live.
Speaking of community…

You Know Where You Want to Live

If you constantly research neighborhoods that feature community amenities such as swimming pools, playgrounds and dog parks, rather than acreage removed from other homes, you’re all in for neighborly living — a great way to build a new home. You can use existing homes in your future community as inspiration or guidance. Plus, you have a strong sense of how that builder works, and how your new home fits among others.

You Know How You’ll Pay For It

You might even have filled out preliminary paperwork. Perhaps you’ve gotten loan approval.  At the very least, you’ve considered it enough to know your budget, its limits and the source of those finances. Building game on!

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