What’s a Punch List?

Don’t feel badly if you don’t know. Most new-home buyers aren’t super-savvy about construction terms and procedures and we at ICI Homes are happy to help.

A punch list details all items in a construction contract that must be completed. These can be spelled out in a contract, but usually are compiled in list form during the final construction periods.
That’s so everyone — builders, workers and homeowners — can check off, or “punch,” every contracted task as done. Or, they can note if a task still needs to be performed, or redone to everyone’s satisfaction.  Need more, you say?

Absolutely. Read on!

How Punch Lists Got Their Name

“Checklist” is today’s term for a punch list, but they’re actually the same thing. “Punch” hails from a time when folks punched a hole in a piece of paper next to an item to verify it as completed.

How Punch Lists Functionconstruction-electrical-web

They can be scribbled in ink or pencil, printed out or shared (and updated) in real time on electronic devices. No matter their form, punch lists are a useful project-management tool that keeps everyone on the same page — especially for a task that requires multiple subcontractors. For example, one subcontractor must “punch” the list before another subcontractor can begin work on his or her portion of the construction task.

Punch Lists Hold Everyone Accountable

In a construction contract, homeowners and builders agree to certain conditions. Builders usually must satisfy those conditions before they will be paid. Homeowners can ensure their conditions are satisfied by using a punch list to track builders’ progress.

Since communication is critical for a pleasant home-building experience, punch lists are another way for builders and homeowners to communicate progress and problems.
Remember that a professional builder completes a new home to the homeowner’s satisfaction, no matter how silly or small some punch-list items appear.  You should be happy with your home-building experience. Punch lists are an important part of that process.

Punch Lists Are Versatile

Not only do homeowners have a punch list that specifies contract terms, a home inspector can share a punch list for items that must be completed before a new home can pass inspection.
This extra punch list can eliminate oops-we-missed-that inspection delays. A homeowner also can use a personal punch list to watchdog particular items. This can range from who’s responsible for construction-site cleanup to “wash all windows” or “replace damaged bathroom tile.”

Industry websites often offer printable versions of sample punch lists. Homeowners can use these as education before embarking on a new-home construction process. It allows you to specify what’s important to you, and keeps you from omitting details you may not know.

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