Five New Home Building Tips

Deciding to build a new home can feel like these two extremes — either flinging yourself headlong into your first bungee jump, or being gifted with a surprise (big-time!) promotion at work.

On one hand, you’re terrified. On the other hand, you’re thrilled.ICI Egret II _1277_1

That same cold sweat or adrenaline rush can fall anywhere along the spectrum of reaction once you decide to build your new Florida home. So, here we are with five handy tips about the process. Copy-and-paste, then print them out and post them on your fridge. They’ll help keep you focused during the (eek!) new-home-building process.

Location, Location, Location

Seemingly obvious, right? But there’s more to it than loving the lot your new home will occupy, or the cool dog park down the street. Where you build should suit each facet of your Florida lifestyle, from schools to shopping, to a day at the beach. Don’t unknowingly lock yourself into a grinding daily commute, or a 15-mile drive to the nearest grocery store. Consider convenience, as well as aesthetics and price, when choosing your new Florida neighborhood.

Find the Right Builder

Do your research. You want a qualiied professional whose past clients are happy to recommend their builder and to detail their home-building experience with that person or company. This means researching and referencing each prospect, along with interviewing key personnel. The process becomes more important if you’re building a new custom home. Since your builder must turn your vision into reality, a good working relationship is paramount.

Know Your Budget

You can’t crunch too many numbers before embarking on a new-home-building project. Decide how much money you’re willing to spend and how to allocate those expenses before construction begins. Once your new home is in progress, changing your mind about decor or materials can cost thousands of extra dollars. It also can delay your completion date.

Track Your Timeline

Building a new home takes several months. Because you’ve done your homework, you should know, roughly, how long it will take to complete a home like yours. Ask your builder to provide the construction timeline so you know what’s happening when. This allows you to plan your moving process and to “build in” a bit of flexibility. Weather, supplies and personnel changes all can cause delays. When those occur, it’s safer — and saner — to be prepared.

Stay Involved

Communicate regularly with your builder. Visit the construction site regularly — once each week — if possible. Monitor each step of the process. Be available for consultations or updates. Remember, it’s your new home.

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