To Build or Not to Build

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That is the question…

You knew it was coming, right? Forgive us. But what if the Bard himself — writer William Shakespeare — faced the same housing dilemma in 16th-century England?

He likely would’ve conducted the same back-and-forth consideration that you, a prospective Florida homeowner, may face. Similar to the famous “to-be-or-not-to-be” soliloquy he wrote for his character Hamlet.

So let’s examine your to-build-or-not-to-build question a la Shakespeare. The answer is…


Purchasing a home from a previous owner can work. Often the lure is price because the home isn’t new and bargain-hunting is a national pastime. Finding a pre-owned home requires research, possible repairs, a home inspection, negotiation (especially with a lender if that’s who owns your targeted home) and possible renovations once the home is yours, to make it yours.

All of these are “to-build-or-not-to-build” considerations.

to build or not to buildHere’s why “to build” may be your best answer: you get exactly what you want, including the peace of mind of a new-home warranty and the fact no one has lived there. Current building codes also ensure new homes are more energy-efficient and stocked with the latest appliances, color schemes and well-designed living spaces.

Best of all? The cost of building versus purchasing a home from a previous owner are approximately the same in today’s residential housing environment.

These three “to build” tips will help you complete your Shakespearean examination.

Choose Your Builder Wisely

You want an experienced builder who delivers quality homes and quality customer service. Get recommendations from other homeowners and prioritize good communication and reputation. Trust your gut. You want to enjoy the home-building process. Choose your builder wisely.

Know What You’re Getting Into

You may have a deadline to relocate, but don’t give it to your builder and walk away. If you need to move in your new home by a certain date, include it in your contract. Three to four months is a rough estimate of how long it takes to build a new 2,000-square-foot Florida home— if you don’t waste time choosing your colors and building materials. Ask questions if you’re new to the process. Get a timeline from your builder and know what you’re getting into. Which means…

Clarity is Paramount

Your motto during the home-building process is NO SURPRISES. This means you not assuming your builder knows what you want. Say so. Be clear. Get the answers you need and any decisions or promises resulting from them in writing. Attentive builders + involved customers = clarity.

If you’ve made your Shakespearean “to-build” decision, click here for the areas we build in. ICI Homes is Florida’s Custom Home Builder and can deliver a happy ending to your home-building story.