Home Shopping in “JAX?” Here’s Where to Build One With Us


Headed for Jacksonville, Florida and in the market for a new home? We’ve got you covered. Not only are we one of the state’s largest homebuilders, we’ve been doing our thing for more than four decades, and “JAX” is one of our longtime stomping grounds.

Jacksonville is a vibrant, growing metropolitan area. It serves as Florida’s northeastern gateway and is home to a major U.S. Navy base, one of the eastern seaboard’s busiest ports and gorgeous Atlantic Ocean beaches.

There are many great reasons to relocate, retire or move here. So, allow us to introduce you to the communities where […]

Not a Fad: Community Gardening a Modern Tradition

If you’re settling into a new custom Florida home and would like to get your hands dirty — but not in your own backyard — consider becoming part of a community garden.

Here’s why: Florida homeowners tend to have swimming pools, hot tubs, summer kitchens, patios and terraces in their backyards. Lovely, flowering tropical shrubs placed by landscapers? Likely. An extensive vegetable garden? Unlikely.

Of course, the above is a generalization. People who love to garden will tend to fruitful pots of tomatoes and peppers on their patios, and sprawling summer squash and zucchini plants can masquerade as ground cover. But […]

‘Nobody Told Me!’ Home-Buying Fees Explained Here

No matter your tax bracket or life circumstance, buying a new custom home is one of the largest financial transactions you’ll make. There’s no dismissing that fact, but if you’re a first-time buyer, you should understand that it-costs-lots-of-money means more than simply a big outlay of cash. For example, your credit health must be good. You must be approved for a mortgage. You must be able to make a down payment to activate your mortgage. But you also must pay obligatory transaction fees during the home-buying process. Here’s a primer so you won’t have to say, “but nobody told […]

Create Interior Drama With Paint

Adding punch, sparkle and buzz to your new custom Florida home is as easy as opening a paint bucket. Maybe not quite that easy — you’ll need to pick your colors first. And, you may need lots of buckets of paint. But, becoming a drama king or queen with your interiors doesn’t require costly architecture, designers’ fees or buying prescribed accessories. It only requires a sense of fun, plus a willingness to think beyond color status quo. Read on for our suggestions.
Don’t Fear Bold Color
Fire-engine red? Eggplant-purple? Do it! Especially if you and your household adore those colors. Saturation […]

Palm Coast: Your Perfect Florida Location

Palm Coast is a hidden gem along Florida’s historic northeast Coast. Tucked between Jacksonville and St. Augustine to the north, and Daytona Beach to the south, Palm Coast is more than its three exit signs along Interstate 95 make it appear.

Sited in compact Flagler County, in an area rich in history, Palm Coast is a growing yet cozy place to relocate, retire, raise a family or build a dream home. Miles of pristine beaches? Got it. Same for hiking, biking and fitness trails? Check. Think Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway-rimmed neighborhoods, thick oak canopies and a throwback Old Florida feel.

But, it’s […]

Amelia National Golf & Country Club Experiences Revitalization Amid ICI Homes Investments

Amelia National Golf & Country Club, a community built and developed by ICI Homes, is enhancing its Fernandina Beach community with a new model home, tennis facility and sales center. […]