Selling Your Home

Ready to Move? Avoid These First-Time Home Seller Mistakes

If you thought buying your home was tough, selling your first home can be just as daunting. Make the process easier and more profitable by avoiding some common first-time home seller mistakes.
Mistake 1: Emotional attachment
Becoming emotionally detached from your home is one of the hardest things to do when selling. After all, this is where you made memories with friends and family members. Remember that your

home is a commodity, not your identity. The more you can separate yourself emotionally from your home (including neutralizing the interior) the more buyers will be able to picture themselves in your home. The […]

Outta Here! Rev Up the Sale Potential on Your Old Home

Does one of these moving-van situations apply to you?

Your boss just green-lighted a job transfer to Florida. Your family has given you a countdown clock for your retirement at the end of the year. Yours or your spouse’s parents have promised to watch the kids ALL THE TIME if you move to Sunshine State headquarters.

For all the reasons listed above and myriad others, you’re so ready to pursue buying a new custom Florida home. But there’s the slight problem of your existing home, which you must sell before you can buy a new one from ICI Homes.

We’ll assume you haven’t […]

The 10 Upgrades That Make a Difference at Resale

Looking to sell your current home so you can buy a new custom Florida home? Congratulations! You likely already know you must fix that leaky shower in your current home, or re-sod that tired backyard before you go to market. But, did you know there are specific upgrades that can pump up your sale price? Read on to add some of those smart items to your to-do list.
Energy Efficiency
Most potential buyers appreciate environment-friendly homes. For example, install timers on your lawn sprinkler, or photo-cell sensors that extinguish exterior lights at daybreak, and turn them on at dusk. If your […]

Ten Tips That Will Sell Your Home Faster

So you want to sell your home quickly. Here are ten things to make sure you check off your to-do list before listing your home on the market.