Moving to Florida

Summer: The Optimal Time to Move

Oops! You wanted to go to the beach, didn’t you? Perhaps to theme parks, or camping with the family. No one wants to pack moving boxes, haul clutter to donation centers and orchestrate all the maddening minutia that comes with changing addresses during what’s supposed to be a vacation period.

“That’s not quite what I had on my calendar,” you say.

We get it. It’s more fun to consider your move through the excitement of a job promotion, or the realization you’ll finally live near grandparents eager to babysit your kids. But we promise summer is the best season to trek […]

Moving Van In Your Future? How To Sell Your Current Home First

A new custom Florida home is on your radar, but, oops — you must first lose the old one. Hold that excitement. Most folks aren’t liquid enough to place the current abode on the market, then head south to buy the new home at the same time. You can’t either? No worries. We’re here with helpful tips for selling your current home faster that you might think.
Don’t set an unreasonable price
You likely had a parent warn, “moderation in all things,” at some point when you were a kid, right? The same principal applies here. You may think your current […]

Make the Most of Your Model Home Visit

Is it time to find your new Florida home? One of the best tactics is visiting model homes. Builders use model homes as finished real-life examples of what’s being offered in a new community. Once you’re there, on-site sales representatives can answer questions and walk you through options. Visit enough model homes, and you’ll soon compile helpful lists of personal likes and dislikes. But regardless of whether you know exactly what you want in a new Florida home, or you’re only seeking inspiration.  Here’s a guide to making the most of any model-home visit.
Visit Community Websites
Start your campaign by […]

How to Meet Your New Neighborhood

In the market for a new custom Florida home? That means you’re also in the market for a new neighborhood. No matter why you’re making the move — for a new job, impending retirement or family reasons — acclimating to a new community takes time, even if you only move across town. New neighbors often = new friends, so it’s totally worth investing time to explore your new environment. Read on for tips on how to settle into your new world.
Be Approachable and Available
This is Common Sense and Manners 101, but it never hurts to be reminded. Moving takes […]

Going Gated? Visit Magnolia Preserve at Julington Creek

Targeting a new custom Florida home? Do you have the freedom to pick your location? If so, focus on Florida’s northeast corner, where Jacksonville and its surrounding communities offer a great selection of urban, suburban and quieter neighborhoods. Magnolia Preserve at Julington Creek Plantation is a spectacular, gated community we think will surprise and delight you.
The Metro Jacksonville Location Is BIG
Jacksonville is Florida’s booming, northeast gateway. Recent financial and real-estate reports have rated it as a top place to move to, and as a great market for real estate investors. It sits at the intersection of two major interstates — […]

Ease the Transition of Moving With Kids

Whether you’re relocating across countries and continents, or within your current city limits, doing so with children complicates the process. A move can be stressful even if everyone’s excited about it. When they’re not excited, the experience can become an ordeal. While adults tend to stiff-upper-lip their stress, kids are more vulnerable and transparent. Here are suggestions for helping your family’s smallest members have a happy move.
Share Your Adult Feelings
Kids make great radar dishes. Many can sense adults’ feelings without knowing much about what’s happening, so make time to sit and talk with your kids about how you feel about […]

Moving With Kids? Get Them Involved

No matter how exciting the reason behind a move — perhaps a longed-for promotion or to be nearer family — relocation isn’t easy. It can be downright difficult for children, who may not grasp the significance of why their lives are being disrupted. They only know they’re leaving playmates, a familiar home, school routines and daily activities behind.

How can adults help cushion the uncertainty? By making kids part of the relocation process. Read on for tips to “get moving” with your kids.
Talk About It
Perhaps the best first step in involving your kids is to discuss the move with them. […]

Make Moving With a Toddler Easier

The smallest people in your household can be the ones most affected by a relocation. While moving can stress most adults — even if it’s for an anticipated retirement, exciting new job or to a longed-for dream home — toddlers only know their world is being turned upside down and they’re not quite sure why.

If you’re a parent, naturally you want everyone in the family on board. The littlest guys and girls require a bit more attention during what’s often a hectic, jarring process, so peruse our list of pointers to help make moving with your toddler(s) easier.

Tell Them […]

Seven Midwestern Reasons to Move to Florida

There’s a lot to appreciate about the Midwest region of the United States. It’s the birthplace of automobiles, America’s dairy-land, and the home of iconic cities like Chicago, St. Louis and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

And, Old Man Winter. But cold weather isn’t the only lure for Mid westerners curious about relocating to Florida. Here are a few more.
You’re Done With Winter
All of it — the swaddling outerwear, snow tires, windshield ice scrapers. Yes, you’ll have winter days in Florida where a pair of jeans is just right. Sometimes a sweatshirt or sweater. Occasionally, in January and February, daytime air will feel […]

Five Tips For Moving With Children

It’s happening! Your family is relocating! You’ve broken the news, have a tentative schedule in place and everyone from biggest to littlest knows what’s ahead. Well, not the tiniest family members. Moving won’t faze the 18-month-old! But it might faze the 18-months-old’s brothers or sisters, so here’s our five suggestions for moving with children.
Kids’ Opinions Count, Too
They may not have a choice about moving, but they can have a choice in the search for your new home. Older kids especially can contribute preferences and suggestions.
For example, if your current home is the after-school gathering place, make sure your […]