Five Different Ways to Customize a Flex Room

A home that matches your household’s lifestyle is perhaps the top reason to build a new custom Florida home. You get the floorplan, lot and neighborhood that’s right for you and your family, no matter if they’re kindergartners or elderly parents digging their new in-law suite.

One way to do this is by utilizing flex space in your floorplan. It’s a staple of our award-winning plans at ICI Homes and it allows you to have flexible space for more than bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas. Need an office, or space for teenagers to gather with friends? Done.

The best news is your flex […]

Awesome Tips for Designing Your New Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of today’s home, so it hosts more activities than mere cooking and dining. Massive islands serve as perches for kids to do homework and for friends to gather for cocktails. Built-in desks and shelves make the kitchen a part-time office, and TV nooks keep the cook(s) entertained.

You want the primary function to proceed with ease, however, and fortunately there are numerous tricks and tips to glean from smart kitchen designers and experienced cooks. Read on for awesome tips for designing your new kitchen.
Keep people out of the cook’s way
If the kitchen is Grand Central […]

Junior Designers: Helping Kids Decorate Their New Rooms!

Your family contains little ones and you’ve just moved into a new custom Florida home, or perhaps you’re preparing to do so. The moving experience can be hectic and sometimes unsettling for young children, so we’re here with a few fun tips on how to help your small guys and gals settle into their new abodes.

Although stacked moving boxes might seem overwhelming, let’s begin with the children’s bedrooms. Plan to unpack their belongings first (after household necessities, of course), then peruse these tricks for helping your kids decorate their new rooms.
No-theme is the way to go
Resist the urge to […]

Practice Calm: Feng Shui Tips for Busy People

So many of today’s lifestyles are go-go-go, packed with social, familial and work obligations. Those of us who aren’t yet retirees often juggle competing priorities and important people. Add the complications of managing a household, plus tending to home projects and maintenance, and it’s enough to make some folks curl up in a ball.. or, to binge-watch on-demand movies.

We at ICI Homes are right there with you. But we’re sharing a positive rebuttal to all that stress and all those constant demands. It’s called Feng Shui tips for busy people. Or, how to practice calm.
What’s Feng Shui?
You already might […]

How NOT to Design Your New Home

Research almost any how-to topic, and you’ll find limitless information on how to do it. That’s thanks to the great information highway known as the internet. You’ll find far less, however — online or anywhere — on how NOT to tackle a how-to topic.

If it exists, it’s usually tacked on the end of a post, article or video, or couched as “tips.” Since there are few greater how-to undertakings than buying, planning and designing a new custom home, we’d thought we’d have some fun and turn our how-to advice into how-NOT-to tips.

Creating a royal mess you’ll regret is easy […]

How to Transform a Room with Paint

We probably all can agree that our homes, no matter their characteristics, are utilitarian structures. They’re refuges, headquarters, repositories and playgrounds. And, they’re meant to be used. Every day. But, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t embellish them! No matter how low-key and practical your lifestyle may be, there’s likely a part of your new custom Florida home that you’d like to plan and furnish a bit more extravagantly. Right? We thought so. Read on for tips on creating memorable spaces.
Create an Oasis

Pick a room in your home, then transform it into what you’d most like it to be. This […]

Balance This: Easy Feng Shui Tips

We know not everyone is aware of Feng Shui, so allow us to explain: it’s a time-honored Chinese practice of harmonizing everything in your environment, so that you can feed off energy generated by that positive environment. Our homes reflect the state of our lives, from messy desks to color choices to how we fold the laundry. The ways we arrange our possessions and interiors, and how we decorate and maintain them, can affect our psychological energy. Purposefully doing so means practicing Feng Shui — aligning our environment with who we are and who we want to be.
Feng Shui Doesn’t […]

Create a Gym in Your New Home

If your New Year’s resolution is to establish or ramp up a dormant workout routine, a home gym may the perfect impetus. Especially if you have a gym membership and are weary of the same-old people, facilities and equipment. Assembling your own home gym doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive or time consuming. Are you in the planning stages of a new home? Incorporate some or all of the suggestions below. Are you freshly ensconced in a new Florida home? All you need is space and basic equipment. Regardless of the situation, the sweat and results are up to […]

Top 5 Tips for Designing the Perfect Home Office

Since you live in your office, why not live in it at home?
Whether running a home-based business, telecommuting or tending to a day job at night, today’s new-home buyers are labeling home offices as a “must” rather than a “nice-to-have.”
They’re not talking about balancing a laptop on their knees, or sharing the kitchen table with a third-grader doing homework. They mean real work space. Not making do.
It’s a refrain ICI Homes designers hear loud and clear. Consider these five tips for a home office that works hard and looks good.
Light It Up
Research has shown that natural light boosts one’s […]

ICI Homes Wins Excel Award for Design Excellence

Ormond Beach, FL – ICI Homes was honored with an Excel award for design excellence from the Florida Home Builders Association. The award was presented at the Southeast Building Conference (SEBC) in Orlando. […]