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The Latest Looks From the ICI Homes Design Center

It’s no secret that interior design trends come and go, much like the fashion we wear.

We at ICI Homes know this because we’ve built thousands of new custom homes all over the state of Florida for nearly four decades.

We also know this: no one spots interior design trends like our design consultants at the ICI Homes Design Center.

They are the pros who guide home-building customers through their choices of interior finishes and materials prior to construction. The role demands knowing the latest and greatest, plus being able to help customers tailor products to their dream interiors.

Big job, right?

But it’s […]

First-Time Home Builder? The Design Session, Explained


When you decide to buy a home, you either buy an existing home or a new home.

Usually, the second option is more involved. We say “usually” because you might buy a fixer-upper and spend the next 10 years doing the fixing up yourself! If that’s your thing, go for it. If you’re reading this, chances are it’s not, which is okay too.

When you buy a new home, you (usually) have two options. You either buy an inventory home — a completed new home ready for move-in — or have one built from the ground up.

A third option is discovering […]

What Not to Do For Your Design Sessions

The ICI Homes Design Center is where customers who are building homes from scratch, go to select all of their interior finishes and materials. It’s a comfy, well-lit studio environment filled with samples of all sorts and big tables to mix and match those samples for decision-making purposes.

After all, you’re putting together the life-size puzzle of your new home’s interior.

There are helpful ways to approach this process, and not so helpful ways. We’ll tell you what not to do with your design sessions in hopes it’ll spur you toward the other side. And, hopefully provoke a chuckle, too.
Not give […]

What Your ICI Homes Design Consultant Can Do For You

Did you know you get your own personal guide when you build a new custom Florida home with ICI Homes?

You do — for the interior design portion of the process. One of our design consultants at the ICI Homes Design Center will walk you through each aspect of choosing the interior finishes, colors and materials. For customers who admittedly aren’t tuned in to the design world, that’s often the scariest part.

Have no fear! You won’t go it alone.

Here’s a look at what your ICI Homes design consultant can do for you.
Buyer, know thyself
Before you arrive at the design center, […]

How to Plan Your Visit to the ICI Homes Design Center

One of the most fun tasks of building a new custom Florida home — or most dreaded, depending on your outlook — is choosing the interior design elements for it.

That’s all you, Dear Customer!

We’ll help you through every step. But, you must make those choices – on your own, or with the aid of a spouse, partner or family member. Why? We won’t live in your new home, and we want you to be happy with the entire homebuilding and ownership experience.

Fortunately for us and you, there’s an easy, and we think fun, solution with our ICI Homes Design […]

Two Design Sessions Make One Big Difference

If you build with us at ICI Homes, you’ll earn not one, but TWO trips to our ICI Homes Design Center.

“Cowabunga!” you might say. “Let me at it!”

Or, “Oh no…do I have to?”

If you’re a creative type, you might feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. If you can’t imagine why anyone would read home and garden magazines, you might view two obligatory trips to the design center as penance.

We’re here to explain why it’s important that you do this for us, plus give you a sneak peek at what you’ll do during both visits. They’re harmless. We promise!
The design […]

How to Mess Up Your Design Sessions


Your ICI Homes Design Center sessions, to select the interior finishes and materials for your new custom Florida home, should be an anticipatory situation. It’s one of the final steps before construction begins, and it offers the opportunity to thoroughly personalize your new interiors.

We can’t build your home without knowing which paint colors, countertops, cabinetry, flooring and decorative hardware you want. So your design sessions are meant to be fun and illuminating, along with functional.


Sometimes those sessions are anything except enjoyable, both for our customers and the ICI Homes design pros who assist them. The good news is […]

Why You Must Make Your Interior Design Decisions

Considering the inside of your new custom-built Florida home as a giant, blank canvas should be one of the “oh goody” aspects of building from scratch.

Yes, we know some of you would rather hide in a closet than choose paint colors, but since we’re being straightforward here, it’s your house, not ours.

What’s our role? To help you make those design choices as easily and painlessly as possible. And the process really can go smoothly if you commit your time and attention.

You’ll choose all your interior finishes and materials during two visits to the ICI Homes Design Center. The first […]

Meet the ICI Homes Design Center

The best part about building a new custom Florida home is the opportunity to make it truly yours.

If you build with us at ICI Homes, you’ll have the opportunity to tweak the floor plan that you select to fit your household’s lifestyle (customization is one of our hallmarks; click here for more on that).

But, one of the most fun things — we said fun, because it is — about building a new home is making it look like your home.

We don’t select your paint colors, flooring and cabinet styles. You do! And those are only three of the items […]

Build or Buy: Think Hard About Building


Searching for a new home is frustrating when you can’t find a newly-finished home you like in a new community. Or, you’re not finding ANYTHING — new or in resale — that floats your boat.

Take it as a sign it might be time to build your own.

“Wait,” you say. “That’s an expensive hassle.”

Not finding a ready-built new home, especially if you’re facing a deadline to relocate, may be more of an expensive hassle. So we at ICI Homes encourage you to think deeper about building. It’s not nearly as scary as it seems. It simply takes a bit […]