How NOT to Design Your New Home

Research almost any how-to topic, and you’ll find limitless information on how to do it. That’s thanks to the great information highway known as the internet. You’ll find far less, however — online or anywhere — on how NOT to tackle a how-to topic.

If it exists, it’s usually tacked on the end of a post, article or video, or couched as “tips.” Since there are few greater how-to undertakings than buying, planning and designing a new custom home, we’d thought we’d have some fun and turn our how-to advice into how-NOT-to tips.

Creating a royal mess you’ll regret is easy […]

Update Your Interiors With These Thrifty Tactics

If you’ve lived in your home for a while, you probably have a few interior-design tweaks you’d like to make. Maybe the closet off the garage isn’t large enough for jackets, backpacks AND athletic gear. Maybe you’re done scrubbing those white kitchen cabinets you thought would be simple to clean. We all run across design elements we liked when we moved in, but ultimately don’t fit our household. Changing them, however, doesn’t have to be expensive and time-consuming. Think quick and cheap! Read on for some thrifty tactics to update your interiors.
Paint ideas
For the cost of one gallon of […]

Which Flooring is Best For Your Family’s Needs

When you build a home, one of your biggest design decisions is what to put underfoot. Floors take a literal pounding — perhaps more than any other home component — so your choices should be smart and considered. But, you don’t have to debate them endlessly. Here’s a streamlined guide to choosing between three of the most popular flooring options for your new custom Florida home.
Wood: Real Vs. Laminate
Real wood floors are classics for a reason. If cared for, they last a long time, and their inevitable nicks, scuffs and scratches only contribute character. Their lifespan also can be […]

Organize the Heck Out of Your Brand-New Home

Depending on your housekeeping style, “organize” is either a dirty word or a mantra to live by. But, if you’ve just moved into a new home, there’s no better time to conquer all your stuff. Knowing where items are when you need them — and having them tucked out of the way when you don’t — makes life a lot easier. Below are some tips for organizing the heck out of your brand-new home.
Efficiency is the Name of the Game
The calm, everything-in-its-place variety, not obsessive-compulsive regimentation. If you struggle with organization, simply think of it as being efficient. Quickly […]

Need Help For a Home Project? Hire Yourself!

If you’re a homeowner who enjoys taking care of and improving your most important investment, you’re likely not shy about tackling painting, wallpapering or gardening projects. Many of us are Do-It-Yourselfers because we enjoy it, or don’t mind the extra effort because it saves us time and money.

But, did you know homeowners-as-Do-It-Yourselfers is a trend that’s expanded thanks to the growth, quality and availability of online video? Folks seeking to save a little coin, or to avoid the hassle of hiring and monitoring someone who specializes in a particular skill not only are saying, “Hey, I can do that,” […]

Balance This: Easy Feng Shui Tips

We know not everyone is aware of Feng Shui, so allow us to explain: it’s a time-honored Chinese practice of harmonizing everything in your environment, so that you can feed off energy generated by that positive environment. Our homes reflect the state of our lives, from messy desks to color choices to how we fold the laundry. The ways we arrange our possessions and interiors, and how we decorate and maintain them, can affect our psychological energy. Purposefully doing so means practicing Feng Shui — aligning our environment with who we are and who we want to be.
Feng Shui Doesn’t […]

Guide to Choosing Your Bathroom Flooring

You’ll make many decisions when you build your new custom Florida home with ICI Homes, but few decisions are more important than choosing bathroom flooring material. Get it wrong, and you might be constantly mopping. Get it right, and you’ll be happy each time you step in or out of the shower. Since there isn’t one magic bathroom flooring choice for all households, read on for more on how to make that decision.
Decide Taste, Style and Color
When you choose flooring for a new custom home, think how it will frame your interiors. A casual coastal decor might not require […]

Seven Small Building Ideas That Live Large

Building a new custom Florida home? Congratulations! By now you’re familiar with the many decisions that must be made before and during the building process. Decisions also pop up when customizing a home, particularly serendipitous ones like the great idea you spotted online or in an airline magazine that’s a perfect solution for your new pantry. To make inspiration a little timelier, we’re sharing a list of seven random great ideas to peruse before constructions crews begin hammering and sawing. Read on for little things that can live big in your custom home.
Outlets With USB Ports
These are for charging […]

Home Design For Our Furry Friends

You’re a pet person and we at ICI Homes understand. Most cats and dogs enjoy favored status in their households but, can we talk? Pet bedding and toys aren’t the most attractive accessories. Allow us to share some decorative ideas on how to incorporate your furry friends and their pursuits into your home’s design.
Banish Lumpy Floor Pillows
It’s time to give your small or medium-sized pooch a worthy perch without tripping to the pet superstore. Odds are you have a chest, nightstand or small bookcase with a bottom drawer or shelf. Remove the drawer if it’s a chest and be […]

Design Your Own Home Spa

If you love all the accouterments and pampering of a spa day, you don’t have to drop continual hints for birthday and holiday gift cards. Or, blow up your schedule to find time to escape to an actual spa. It’s easy to install a do-it-yourself version when you build your new custom Florida home. Simply pick a bathroom (not the kids bathroom!) and pack it full of the colors, accessories and fixtures that give you a similar, soothing experience. Allow us to show you how to design your own home spa.
Size Sort of Matters in Your New Spa
The bathroom […]