Learn about Florida’s Custom Home Builder, ICI Homes. In business for nearly 40 years, ICI Homes is known for high quality custom homes built at an affordable price. ICI Homes is consistently ranked among the nations top 100 builders by Builder magazine.

How to Maximize the Helpfulness of ICI Homes’ Online Sales Consultants

If you’re searching for a new custom Florida home and you’ve discovered us at ICI Homes, you have an instant secret weapon you may not even realize.

It’s our online sales consultants, who field your first email inquiries and phone calls, then direct you forward. These folks aren’t genies in bottles. They’re real members of our sales staff and you’ll see their friendly faces pop up as you peruse our website.

But how best to strike up a productive relationship that will lead you to your new Florida home?

Follow along as we demonstrate how to maximize the helpfulness of ICI Homes’ […]

Laker Lutz News Feature – ICI Homes Affordable Customization

“Many people would love to build a custom home for their family, but do not have the time or knowledge to properly oversee its construction, or arrange for construction loans needed in advance of closing. Instead, they compromise what they really want, and end up going with a traditional production builder that allows minimal customization of their floor plans, which often is expensive, and the builder does reluctantly.
But now, Tampa Bay homebuyers have a third option — ICI Homes, which brings together a buyer’s specific custom requests with the resources of an established and reputable production builder.”

Thank you, Laker […]

Mosaic Development Featured in the News Journal

DAYTONA BEACH — Another big piece is being added to the white hot development puzzle already taking shape just west of Interstate 95.

On Saturday, ICI Homes will hold a grand opening event to celebrate the completion of five model homes at its planned 1,200-home Mosaic “full life” community off LPGA Boulevard, just west of the Florida Tennis Center.

Click here to read the full Mosaic News Journal article.

Why It’s Important to Nail Your Design Sessions

Moving into a new home means the opportunity to change your decor along with your location.

Maybe you’re tired of the look you’ve lived with since college, your honeymoon or since the kids were in elementary school. It’s time to freshen up your interiors with a different style or color scheme.

Good news! If you’re building a new home with us, you’ll do that freshening up at the ICI Homes Design Center. It’s a required visit after you sign your contract. Our builders need to know what you want inside your home and how much of it to request on purchase […]

How Your Design Sessions Fit Our Work Flow

Timely visits to the ICI Homes Design Center = on-time home construction
The commitment to build or buy a new custom Florida home requires — like most business transactions — a contract between buyer and builder.

If you’re been through the building process before, you know what we mean. If you’re someone who’s bought an existing home, you have a pretty good idea. But if you’ve never built a home from scratch, let’s just say it’s a bit more complicated than purchasing a move-in-ready abode.

In a good way, because building from scratch guarantees you’ll get exactly what you want. Your household […]

How to Prepare for Your Design Sessions

You’re building a new custom Florida home with us at ICI Homes, and we’re pleased to be your partner! One of the most important things you’ll do for us (and yourself) is to select your interior design finishes and materials.

This is how you’ll individualize your new home, so it’s not something you’ll simply go through via an email link and, “check all the appropriate boxes.”

Nope. You’ll visit the ICI Homes Design Center and work with one of our design consultants. The design center is a bright, friendly studio environment stocked with samples of all sizes. With your consultant’s guidance, […]

The Latest Looks From the ICI Homes Design Center

It’s no secret that interior design trends come and go, much like the fashion we wear.

We at ICI Homes know this because we’ve built thousands of new custom homes all over the state of Florida for nearly four decades.

We also know this: no one spots interior design trends like our design consultants at the ICI Homes Design Center.

They are the pros who guide home-building customers through their choices of interior finishes and materials prior to construction. The role demands knowing the latest and greatest, plus being able to help customers tailor products to their dream interiors.

Big job, right?

But it’s […]

First-Time Home Builder? The Design Session, Explained


When you decide to buy a home, you either buy an existing home or a new home.

Usually, the second option is more involved. We say “usually” because you might buy a fixer-upper and spend the next 10 years doing the fixing up yourself! If that’s your thing, go for it. If you’re reading this, chances are it’s not, which is okay too.

When you buy a new home, you (usually) have two options. You either buy an inventory home — a completed new home ready for move-in — or have one built from the ground up.

A third option is discovering […]

What Not to Do For Your Design Sessions

The ICI Homes Design Center is where customers who are building homes from scratch, go to select all of their interior finishes and materials. It’s a comfy, well-lit studio environment filled with samples of all sorts and big tables to mix and match those samples for decision-making purposes.

After all, you’re putting together the life-size puzzle of your new home’s interior.

There are helpful ways to approach this process, and not so helpful ways. We’ll tell you what not to do with your design sessions in hopes it’ll spur you toward the other side. And, hopefully provoke a chuckle, too.
Not give […]

What Your ICI Homes Design Consultant Can Do For You

Did you know you get your own personal guide when you build a new custom Florida home with ICI Homes?

You do — for the interior design portion of the process. One of our design consultants at the ICI Homes Design Center will walk you through each aspect of choosing the interior finishes, colors and materials. For customers who admittedly aren’t tuned in to the design world, that’s often the scariest part.

Have no fear! You won’t go it alone.

Here’s a look at what your ICI Homes design consultant can do for you.
Buyer, know thyself
Before you arrive at the design center, […]