Make your kitchen sizzle!

Imagine finding your dream home. The location and area are great and the size is what you are looking for. This is exactly what you want, except for one thing.  The kitchen is too small.  Instead of passing your almost dream home by, check out 8 Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Sizzle from  Read More »

Two Quick and Easy After Thanksgiving Day Meals!

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and is considered one of the busiest shopping days of the year.  This day is the start of the Christmas season.  Crowds of people rush to various malls and department stores to get the great deals.  So if you are one of those eager shoppers that literally will Read More »

Does turkey actually make you sleepy?

After a huge Thanksgiving meal it seems that the whole family just wants to lounge around the house and sleep off their food. We have always heard that this is due to the ingredients in the turkey that makes us so tired. Well, that’s not the case. According to Bon Appetit Magazine‘s, The 5 Biggest Read More »

3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Tennis Game

Staying ahead of the competition is important in any sport. Whether you a beginner, intermediate or advanced tennis player, tips can really help advance your game.  Below are three tennis tips that will impact and enhance your tennis skills! When to Change the Direction of the Ball Cross court rallies in a doubles game can Read More »

Apple Walnut Crisp and Chocolate Pecan Pie Recipes

Looking for some dessert recipes for Thanksgiving? The Holiday season is going to be here before we know it. Below are two delicious desserts that can have your Thanksgiving conclude with a sweet ending! Apple Walnut Crisp 1 ½ cups of flour 1 1/8 cups of old fashion oats 1 1/8 cups packed brown sugar Read More »

4 Quick and Helpful Golf Tips

Gain a competitive edge and maximize your golf game with the following tips: Tip 1: Stop Hitting the Golf Ball Heavy! A common shot that the average golfer brings upon themselves is hitting the ball heavy or the term Chunk!  As you strike the golf ball, the grip end of the club needs to be Read More »

Protecting and Covering your Plants

Imagine waking up in the morning and having to shovel inches of snow everyday just to leave your house? Well, most people can imagine that because they live in the North and have to deal with it every year. Living in Florida definitely has its advantage, so for the couple of times during the winter Read More »

Staying Healthy in Our Busy World

Guidelines for Healthy Activity Consult a physician before beginning any exercise routine, especially women over 40 and men over 50. Start out slowly and build up activity gradually over a period of month. Try to accumulate 30 minutes or more of cardiovascular activity each day.  You can do all 30 minutes at once or in Read More »

Practice as if it’s a Real Match

There are many ways to improve your tennis game even if you are a competitive or a recreational player. Some tennis players like to do running drills and focusing on their stroke, while others feel that playing practice matches can really intensify your game. There is no wrong way of improving your game, but below Read More »

Top 10 Fall Lawn Care Tips

Being in the beautiful state of Florida means residents don’t quite experience the same Fall felt around a majority of the county. However, depending on where you are in Florida may depend on what kind of lawn care maybe needed. Here are the Top 10 Fall Lawn Care Tips: Mow Keep mowing your lawn until Read More »