Must Have Garden Tools This Season

Must Have Garden Tools This Season

If you’re a resident Florida gardener or hope to become one, you already know a major perk of Florida living is year-round gardening. The Sunshine State’s sunshine, coupled with sup-tropical and tropical climates, means the growing season literally never ends. Gardening fever is especially catching in spring, however. To get you ready, here’s a selection Read More »

Need Help For a Home Project? Hire Yourself!

If you’re a homeowner who enjoys taking care of and improving your most important investment, you’re likely not shy about tackling painting, wallpapering or gardening projects. Many of us are Do-It-Yourselfers because we enjoy it, or don’t mind the extra effort because it saves us time and money. But, did you know homeowners-as-Do-It-Yourselfers is a Read More »

How to Pick Plants that Help

If you’re a gardener, you likely know some plants can contribute more than scenery to our homes and lives. If you’re not a gardener, look closer at the lovely landscaping surrounding your gardening friends’ homes. While you admire their handiwork for its beauty, they might be nurturing specific plants for practical reasons. Some plants are Read More »

Enjoy Container Gardening, Not Lawn Chores

With thousands of miles of gorgeous beaches and innumerable world-class attractions to explore, who wants to mow grass, trim weeds or blow off driveways? Many new Florida homeowners discover that lawn chores aren’t something they want to prioritize, so big yards get reduced or eliminated completely. Giving up a yard doesn’t mean giving up your Read More »