4 Telltale Signs You Should Probably Buy A Spec Home

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When looking for a new home in Florida, you’ll hear the term “Spec Home” quite frequently.

Spec homes are homes that the builder has in inventory, either completely ready or almost ready for someone to buy and move right in.

There are many reasons why you might choose to buy a spec home instead of building a new home. But sometimes it boils down to the kind of person and type of homebuyer you are. Read More »

Fall in Love with Florida

ICI knows Florida! We have communities throughout North, East and Central Florida! Whether you are thinking of relocating your family, wanting to retire, or looking for a second home, our state has it all. People plan vacations here and wish they never had to get back to their daily grind. Some of us simply choose to live the vacation lifestyle all year long. Think about it. Florida is just a superb place to call home.

The Valverde, A Showcase Home for All Seasons (5 of 5)

The Spaces That Really Count Last but never least, let’s talk about those not-so-glamorous, but essential, behind-the-scenes work areas; a lifesaving “drop off zone” adjacent to the roomy laundry area that “neat-niks” will love for its out-of-the way yet accessible location. Families struggling to stay organized will appreciate how it simplifies their efforts to reduce Read More »

The Valverde, A Showcase Home for All Seasons (4 of 5)

High Style Kitchen, Owners Suite Back inside, the mom, the entertainer and serious gourmet alike will appreciate the “foodie-friendly” kitchen, designed to inspire serious culinary pursuits while encouraging lively conversation and family gatherings. You can’t help but admire the enormous island that dominates the space; an eight-foot long distressed black walnut custom countertop resting atop Read More »

The Valverde, A Showcase Home for All Seasons (3 of 5)

Rustic Beauty, Contemporary Amenities, Inside and Out “Valverde” is Spanish for “Green Valley” and this home lives up to its name. The approach is whimsical, the unique entrance enchanting, the cobblestone accents greet warmly and pull you in. The moment you cross the threshold and enter the foyer, the verdant, earth-friendly surroundings follow you in Read More »