Buy a Home in Florida

Looking to buy a home in Florida? Buying a new home can be tricky but we offer tips, tricks and advice for those seeking a new home in the sunny state of Florida. And when you’re ready, consider using ICI Homes as your builder in any of our fine communities or on your own lot.

Ten Real Estate Terms You Should Know

Like many major life experiences, home-buying can be an intimidating process if you’ve never done it before. Or, if you have, and the process didn’t go well. If you’re not familiar with industry jargon, hearing real-estate terms can be akin to learning a foreign language, especially if those terms aren’t defined clearly or simply. Read on for a handy dissection of the most important real-estate nomenclature.
A listing is the public advertisement that a home is for sale. The most visible aspect is the physical For Sale sign in a yard. In today’s digital world, real-estate companies round up all […]

More Buyers Starting Their Home Search Online (And Why You Should too)

If you’re in the market for a new home, tune up that tablet or computer touchpad. A recent poll from the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors confirmed that 70 percent of Pennsylvania home buyers under age 50 now launch their new-home search online.

Shocker? It shouldn’t be, and it’s likely not a trend confined to the Keystone State. Our increasingly digital world places incalculable resources at our fingertips. This trend turns something as traditionally time-consuming as a housing search into a more efficient process.

Finding your new Florida home may not always progress at warp speed, but helpful home-building and real-estate websites can give […]

What’s the difference between a town home and a single family home?

Moving to Florida? Congratulations!
The Sunshine State lifestyle is a winner, especially for new residents who haven’t lived near coastlines or in a lovely, temperate climate. But, once the relocation decision is solid, it’s time to assess the housing options. Short of living on a boat — a draw for many water and fishing enthusiasts — you’ll need to choose your residence. For many new Florida home-buyers, downsizing from a larger family home or pursuing a lower-maintenance life means prioritizing a smaller abode. The two common options are a single-family home or a townhouse.

At ICI Homes, we know downsizing isn’t a […]

Is a Saltwater Pool Right for You?

A shimmering pool beyond the back door is a prerequisite for many new Florida homeowners. Whether cooling off, turning workout laps or using it as a beautiful party backdrop, residential pools are crucial to the Florida lifestyle.
But, there are more choices than the traditional chlorine pool. Saltwater pools, a popular option, are both environment friendly and cost effective. Consider your preferences before making the salt-or-chlorine decision.

It’s more expensive up front, less expensive later
Installing a saltwater pool system is expensive, but you save money later because you don’t need as many chemicals to maintain it. Forget those plastic chlorine containers. […]

4 Reasons why a Spec Home Might be your Best Choice

Which is Right For You? Spec Home or Custom Build?


Prospective Florida home buyers have as many preferences as there are creatures in the Atlantic Ocean. We get it. We’ve matched innumerable buyers with their perfect housing dreams over the years and we love doing it every day. Over the years, we’ve garnered a bit of wisdom that might help if you’re beginning a new-home search. To start, what kind of home buyer are you?

Perhaps you’d like to design your new home from bare lot to completed castle. Perhaps the only decision you want to make is choosing the perfect move-in-ready […]

Differences Between Townhouses and Single-Family Homes

One of the most complicated decisions faced by many new homebuyers is whether to buy a townhouse or a single family home. Read More »

3 Common Misconceptions About Florida Homeowners Insurance

We speak with thousands of potential Florida homebuyers every month, and one topic that’s always on their minds, especially as they get closer to moving in, is homeowners insurance.
Here are a few common misconceptions we hear from people about Florida homeowners insurance. Read More »

4 Telltale Signs You Should Probably Buy A Spec Home

Which is Right For You? Spec Home or Custom Build?


When looking for a new home in Florida, you’ll hear the term “Spec Home” quite frequently.
Spec homes are homes that the builder has in inventory, either completely ready or almost ready for someone to buy and move right in.
There are many reasons why you might choose to buy a spec home instead of building a new home. But sometimes it boils down to the kind of person and type of homebuyer you are. Read More »

10 Tips for Smart First Time Homebuyers

As a first time homebuyer, it’s key to take the time to research and plan every step of the home buying process. From confirming that you are financially ready to purchase a home to making the final offer, here’s a few things to keep in mind that may help you along the way. Read More »

Your New Home Warranty Questions Answered

Each ICI home comes with the industry leading 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty. But most people get the paperwork at their walk-through or closing, stick it in a folder or a drawer and never think about it again. Read More »