Buying Your Florida Home

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What Working Women Want in a New Home

No matter the industry, job or career path, women who command board rooms, teams, divisions and departments usually know what they want and need when it’s time to buy a new home. For dual-career couples, the new-home search can be tricky unless both partners’ job requirements are compatible. Convenience, commutes and access to work sites all are critical factors. So how do women balance their work needs when choosing a new home? Read on.
They need a home office
Or a studio, drafting table or writing room. Regardless of the types of jobs or careers, working women are as big a […]

Single Parent? Live Alone? You Can Own a Home

For many of us, home-buying may seem the primary domain of families and couples. Another fact many of us may take for granted is that there’s likely more than one income for those two household categories.

But as society has evolved over the past seven decades, so have trends in household composition, which — not surprisingly — can affect home buying. Here’s a look at how households have evolved in the United States during that time period, and how folks in any household category can making home buying a reality.
Statistics tell a story
The 2016 Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic […]

Spec Home or Custom Build? You Decide

If you plan to move to Florida from another state, or simply from one part of Florida to another, finding your new home can be a time-consuming exercise. Few of us make that decision quickly or lightly, so deciding whether to buy an existing new home — a “spec home” — or have one built to your specifications, is something worth pondering. But what if you don’t want to, or can’t take that kind of time? We’re here to help you decide whether a spec home or a custom new home may be right for you.
What’s a Spec Home?
It’s […]

Worried About Mortgage Approval? Some Good News

Ready to buy a new Florida home, but fear you might not withstand a mortgage lender’s scrutiny? You might surprised. Regardless of economic climates, mortgage prospects exist for home buyers of all economic stripes. That’s because in everyday life, lenders exhibit more elasticity with financial home-buying requirements than you might think. The key? Don’t take hearsay about current mortgage trends for granted, whether it originates from office gossip, media, social media or our friend Google. Here are a few real-world tips for sizing up your mortgage potential.
First, You Need a Decent Credit Score
Must it be perfect? No. Few of […]

Before You Buy a Home: Five Financial Tips

Not many of us have the financial reserves to pay cash for a new home. Most of us must finance that purchase. If that’s your situation, we at ICI Homes offer some handy tips before you apply for a mortgage. If you’re not sure your financial health can withstand a lender’s examination, read on. Our five tips will help you whip your finances into shape before you buy a home.
Get Your Credit Reports
Your credit rating is the baseline that lending institutions will use to determine your mortgage eligibility. They’ll examine more factors than only your credit rating, but it […]

Ten Real Estate Terms You Should Know

Like many major life experiences, home-buying can be an intimidating process if you’ve never done it before. Or, if you have, and the process didn’t go well. If you’re not familiar with industry jargon, hearing real-estate terms can be akin to learning a foreign language, especially if those terms aren’t defined clearly or simply. Read on for a handy dissection of the most important real-estate nomenclature.
A listing is the public advertisement that a home is for sale. The most visible aspect is the physical For Sale sign in a yard. In today’s digital world, real-estate companies round up all […]

Jargon 101 For New Home Buyers

Understanding real-estate terms and acronyms can feel like cracking a secret code. If you’re a newbie home buyer, you may think you need a financial dictionary in order to wade through the mortgage-application process. While we at ICI Homes hope you’ll buy your first home from us, we want you to understand what it takes to make it yours. Here’s our Jargon 101 Guide to some of the most important terminology for first-time home buyers.
Two Types of Mortgages
Once you’ve chosen your dream home, you’ll need to decide between a Fixed Rate Mortgage (FRM) or an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM). […]

Your Guide to Understanding Credit Scores

Not the most scintillating topic, we know. But, a critical one for new-home buyers because it often can dictate whether you can pursue your Florida dream home. A good credit score allows you more leeway and choices when it comes to applying, and being approved for, mortgages. A poor credit score limits your mortgage choices or negates them all together. Read on for our hopefully helpful guide to Credit Scores 101.
What’s a Credit Score?
A credit score is a snapshot of your financial health. It’s sort of like an all-purpose code that someone can interpret at a glance. Specifically, it’s […]

Make Live Oak Estates Your Lake Nona Home Base

Looking for a new home on the quiet side of Orlando? A place where your daily commute won’t leave you stewing in road-construction traffic? The only night noise comes from sharp-eyed owls in your backyard treetops.

We’ve got the place — Live Oak Estates just outside of Lake Nona.

This gated community by ICI Homes features spacious, one-acre lots tucked on the serene, southeast side of Orlando. It’s convenient to everywhere you need to be in the City Beautiful, yet a world away. Allow us to demonstrate.
Nature is Your Neighbor
Think chirping crickets and cicadas. Deer, wild turkeys, waterfowl, hawks and eagles.“No […]

Live on a Golf Course, Florida Style

Seeking a new home for your clubs? Maybe your cart, too? You’ve come to the right state. Florida boasts thousands of golf courses and plenty of communities in which to enjoy the sport. If you’re ready for a new Florida home with an on-site tee box — or, you live with someone who is — we’re a perfect place to start.We even have a play before you pay option… read on to the end!

Here are a few guidelines about what to expect when a golf course is your backyard.
The Awesome Perks
First, you might not have a backyard. It depends […]